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Due to FDA actions, the new Evo device will have a much smaller Mat, no Sleep Program, and cost more than the current device with the discount. So, I highly recommend obtaining the current device with the $1,060 discount ($4,990 instead of the usual $6,050), by April 30th to ensure that it is available. To take advantage of these benefits, I purchased a second device as a rental / loaner.

To acquire the current device, with the Special / Sleep Program, the larger mat, and the $1,060 discount (available through April 30th), see below.

Financing: Bemer offers a payment plan you can apply for. Many people instead use a promotional rate 0% interest credit card.

If you are interested in moving forward, or have questions we have not answered, please text my associate Cynthia Zaal, MBA at 713-410-5827.  She will reply promptly to set up a time and walk with you through the next steps. Email [email protected] .

The Gaeta Institute would love to be your Bemer mentor in this process.  Having Cynthia as a dedicated customer service support, and Dr Gaeta as clinical support, will make sure that all your questions get answered.  She will guide you through the purchase, discuss with you the possibility of distributorship, and answer any other questions you may have about Bemer. The Gaeta Institute also has for its Bemer customers and distributors an onboarding program that will guide you through optimal Bemer usage and offer resources to make sharing Bemer easy and effective.  Soon, the Gaeta Institute will be offering advanced clinical trainings on systems biology to optimize your use of this equipment to benefit your patients and more.



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One Monday Each Month, 8pm Eastern Time - Medical Mondays with Dr Joshua Berka, NMD, ND, Lac. Clinical & Research Presentation with Q&A for Licensed Healthcare Professionals Only

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First & Third Tuesdays of Each Month, 8pm Eastern Time. Interactive Wellness Conversation – Presentation with Panel Q&A – Open to All. Have your questions answered by leading educators and clinicians, including functional medicine clinical nurse Lynell Hage, RN.

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Passcode: 236377. Or call in: 408-638-0968. Meeting ID 9048684550#


Fourth Tuesdays – Equine Presentation with Q&A, 8pm Eastern Time

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Passcode: 236377. Or call in: 408-638-0968. Meeting ID 9048684550#


Wellness Wednesdays Dr Joshua Berka, NMD

Public-level presentation with Q&A – open to all

Irregular Wednesdays each month at 8pm Eastern Time

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Educational video explaining the unique features of this PEMF as compared to other devices, with Dr Joshua Berka: click here

For the "improved blood flow" video, click here.


Any questions? You can reach me directly at [email protected].

My team and I look forward to working with you.



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