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By Dr Michael Gaeta

v.9 January 30, 2023

NOTE: Do not believe anything written here. Use the websites below for original sources, use your own ability to think critically, then decide for yourself.

Big Tech, mainstream media, public health departments and conventional medicine have actively been censoring the facts, data and evidence related to the covid fiasco. The censorship has related to these ideas:

  • Covid case and death numbers worldwide have been massively inflated, to create more fear than is warranted. The plan has been to hammer away with a small number of carefully-selected lies to create hysteria and paranoia, frighten people almost to death, and censor all dissenting information and experts.

  • If someone dies of any cause within 28 days of a covid diagnosis, they are counted as a covid death, regardless of the actual cause of death, e.g. heart attack, stroke, motorcycle crash, etc. CDC statistics state that there were very few cases of the flu in the 2020-2021 flu season, because everything was counted as covid, based on symptoms or bogus PCR tests. Essentially, the flu has been renamed covid.

  • PCR testing is completely meaningless, and invalid for clinical diagnosis. PCR has a high false positive rate, partly due to commonly-used high cycle thresholds. PCR does not tell you if you are sick or contagious, and does not reveal viral load. If we actually followed the science, all testing of anyone would end tomorrow.

  • The risk of death from covid, at least since summer 2020, has been, on average .23%, 1/3 that of the typical annual flu, .8%. We don’t shut down the economy and people’s freedoms every year when the flu comes around.

  • Asymptomatic “cases,” based on PCR testing only, is fraudulent and misleading, leading to a manufactured “casedemic.” If you have no symptoms, you are not sick, you are not a “case,” and you are not contagious.

  • Covid-19 is a man-made / laboratory-created bioweapon created by a US / China partnership. Patents for various aspects of this bioweapon and its related diagnostic tests have been filed over the last 22 years, at least. The plandemic / scamdemic / casedemic has been planned for some time, as the means to significantly reduce the world population, and institute tyranny and totalitarian control of those who remain.

  • There is no asymptomatic transmission of covid-19 and its variants. If you are not actively sick, you cannot make anyone else sick. “Social distancing,” and masks for healthy, asymptomatic people, are completely useless and harmful. The reason humanity has never before separated and masked healthy, asymptomatic people, who are around other healthy, asymptomatic people is because it is useless and absurd.

  • Counties, states and nations who have not mandated distancing, masking and vaccines have lower case and fatality rates than those who have. See Sweden and Florida stats.

  • Covid-19 spreads more easily but is far less lethal than SARS-Co-V1 from 2002-2003. It is a usually-harmless respiratory virus, though it can affect any organ. Complications and severe illness most often occur in the frail, sick and elderly, which is true of every other infection in history.

  • The people covid injures and kills are, with rare exceptions, only the elderly and/or ill (usually both), with a current death risk less than .1%. A large percentage of those who died are elderly in nursing homes, or those in hospitals.

  • Most infections with covid-19 are asymptomatic and mild, with acquired immunity most likely lasting for at least decades. This is one reason that the experimental gene therapy injections are unnecessary for anyone with history of prior exposure, which includes most people.

  • The “containment measures” to “stop the spread” and “protect the community” and “keep each other healthy:” masks for everyone, masks outdoors, masking children, social distancing, quarantine / “shelter-in-place” (house arrest), closing businesses and churches, keeping people away from each other, closing schools - have been catastrophic, and have caused more suffering, disease and death than the virus itself. Lockdowns have massively prolonged the epidemic. The “cure” has been far worse than the disease.

  • The experimental covid gene therapy injections (they are not vaccines) do not prevent transmission or spread. They only reduce symptoms. Absolute risk reduction is 1%, so 100 people have to take the shot for one person to have reduced symptoms.

  • The experimental covid gene manipulation injections do far more harm than good, with more reported deaths, and a higher death rate, than all other vaccines combined over 30 years. Healthy, asymptomatic people absolutely do not need a vaccine. No one else does either, because of, again, the low death risk, dangers of the shot, and the wide availability of safe and effective treatments for those who fall ill.

  • Covid is being used as part of a carefully-orchestrated, long-planned scheme to destroy the world economy to institute global communism / fascism: enforce a one-world digital currency, eliminate most personal liberties and freedoms, and institute totalitarian control and tyranny (“The Great Reset”), and significantly reduce the world population.

  • There are very safe, very effective natural and pharmaceutical treatments for patients who are sick (symptomatic), as well as for prevention. These include natural remedies such as Chinese wormwood, vitamin D, CBD, quercetin and zinc, and drug treatments like ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine (HCQ). Government censoring and blocking of ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine, done to stoke demand for the vaccine, killed tens or hundreds of thousands of people who did not need to die.

  • Ivermectin, for which the 2015 Nobel Prize was awarded, reduces risk of death from covid 65-98%. It is not merely a “horse de-wormer,” as the liars in the FDA and mainstream media, e.g. CNN, claim. It has been used in veterinary medicine since 1981. Since its first use in humans in 1987, four billion doses have been administered. Like HCQ, it is on the WHO list of Essential Medicines, meaning it is safe, effective and inexpensive.

  • Natural immunity from natural exposure to covid-19 is durable, broad, long-lasting, safer, and superior in every way than covid vaccines, which are not vaccines at all, but experimental gene manipulation.

  • It is immoral to mandate or coerce experimental injections for anyone, especially in children, who are at statistically-zero risk of death. There should by free and voluntary, uncoerced, fully-informed consent for this and all other medical interventions. Children and pregnant women should not receive any of these vaccines. Medical ethics and God-given constitutional rights must be preserved.

  • Nearly every statement, statistic and proclamation related to covid, from the government and mainstream media, has been a lie. It is a global fraud.

  • The Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine currently in use has NOT been FDA-approved. A similar vaccine, Comirnaty, has been approved, though it is not currently available. The current Pfizer vaccine is still being used under Emergency Use Authorization. The EUA itself is fraudulent because it is only valid if there is an ongoing emergency (there isn’t), and if there are no effective treatments available (there are).

  • The vast majority of covid hospitalizations are in fully-vaccinated people. The unvaccinated who have no symptoms pose no risk to anyone, again because there is no such thing as asymptomatic transmission of covid.

  • The government, and other organizations, do not have the right to force you to do anything with your own body, and that of your children. Government may advise and recommend, not coerce, without scare tactics. We do not need the government to tell us what to do. States and countries who have followed this principle (e.g. Florida, Sweden) have fared far better than those who have instituted science-denying tyranny (e.g. New York, New Jersey).

  • The only sensible way through the former (and carefully orchestrated) plandemic is to simply learn to live with it, as we do each year when a new strain of the flu comes around. The human immune system is strongly adaptable, and is the best way to address variants.

  • The sane three-point solution to the covid situation is to return to pre-covid life in all ways - complete freedom, and life as usual - get on with our lives, with 1. immune support and preventative care; 2. targeted protection of those at risk - the elderly and chronically sick; 3. treatments (see above) as needed for those with symptoms. Prevention is best, early treatment is second best. Vaccines are completely unnecessary in this model, esp. given the incredibly low risk of covid death in all age groups, especially the young.

  • The mild delta, etc. variants are likely caused by the vaccine program, are typical and expected errors in viral replication, and carry a miniscule risk of death. Increase in cases does not mean increase in deaths. As the body adapts to annual new flu strains, the body adapts to any number of covid variants. The delta variant is 99.7% identical to the original covid-19 bioweapon. The body does not recognize it as something separate, new or different. If you’ve been naturally exposed to covid, as most people have, you are almost certainly immune to the delta or any other variant. To say its something very different that requires new vaccines or lockdowns is a complete lie.

  • It is unethical and immoral for dissenting viewpoints from doctors and scientists to be suppressed or censored in any way. “Settled science” is no longer science. As one of the greatest scientists of all time, physicist and Nobel laureate Dr Richard Feynman, wrote, “I’d rather have questions that can’t be answered than answers that can’t be questioned.”

  • The risk of blood clots, death, myocarditis, infertility, miscarriage, etc. from the so-called covid vaccines is far greater than the miniscule risk of harm or death from covid itself, in the vast majority of the population.

  • We must practice evidence-based medicine, not “science-like activities,” in creating health policy, that allows people to take the risks they wish to take, while advising them on recommended, uncoerced choices.

  • Vaccine passports have nothing to do with health or safety. It is ONLY about totalitarian control, coercion, the end of all human freedoms, tracking your movements, loss of privacy and restricting what you can do and where you can go for the rest of your life. They will never go away if implemented, and will used to coerce you and your family into accepting unlimited booster injections. Whoever has that data will control you and your life, and that of your family, forever. It is illegal for any government, and is against the Nuremburg Code, to coerce you into accepting any medical intervention.

  • Out-of-control, science-denying, tyrannical health departments and school boards collectively took billions of federal taxpayer dollars, on the condition that they enforce harmful and useless mask mandates, experimental injection coercion, and more, on our children. This is evil. This is why thousands of parents like me who passionately presented reams of evidence at school board meetings, that these policies were harmful and not helpful, were completely ignored. Our children have been physically, emotionally and mentally abused by their schools, so some could cash in. Time to replace all of these school Board members, and public health officials who participated in two years of child abuse, which continues to this day in corrupt, immoral school districts.

  • If you have any desire at all to continue to enjoy any degree of freedom to live your life as you choose, and have personal autonomy and sovereignty over your own body and that of your children, you must act quickly, courageously and boldly to oppose tyranny and totalitarianism. If being completely and accurately informed is important to you, you must stop listening to and reading any mainstream media, turn to alternative, non-mainstream sources, and boldly share what you have learned with others, despite risk of disapproval or rejection. This is our last chance to oppose evil and global tyranny.

  • THE GOOD NEWS is that increasing and illegal government and corporate tyranny is waking more people up to the covid scam. Millions worldwide are protesting the useless, harmful and totalitarian containment measures. Many of the efforts of awake people are having positive results: jobs kept, children unmasked, mandates rescinded, businesses reopening, and more. In the words of cultural anthropologist Margaret Mead, PhD, “Never underestimate the power of a small group of committed people to change the world. In fact, it is the only thing that ever has.” The Great Awakening of humanity will prevail over the Great Reset of tyrannical technocrats.

  • The tyrannical efforts of eugenicist technocrats, and the unelected, unaccountable Administrative State (e.g. local health departments), and clueless corporations (no jab, no job) are catalyzing a global awakening to God-given personal sovereignty and liberty, parental rights, and collective, non-violent activism. In the end, Life / Being / God wins. It is up to us how messy it gets before that happens. We are the manifest presence of that cosmic reality, and means of its expression and work in the world. As Dr Martin Luther King taught, “The moral arc of the universe is long, but it bends towards justice.” We are at our best when we have more faith in that divine Reality to heal, than in the power of darkness and tyranny to destroy.

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