Week Two - Getting Acquainted with the Female Hormonal System Team
Week Three - Assessing Hormonal Status: Symptoms and Tests
Week Five - Foods and Whole Food Supplements
Week Eight - Bioidentical Products
Week Eight Bonus - When Skill and Need Encounter Each Other
Week Nine - Do Her Ovaries Need Support?
Week Ten - Reverse Estrogen Dominance
Week Eleven - Feeding Ovaries
Week Twelve - Externalizing Ovarian Function
Week Thirteen - Endangered Ovaries
Week Thirteen Bonus - Menarche
Week Fourteen - Supporting Adrenal Function
Week Fifteen - Assessing & Addressing Stress
Week Sixteen - Basic Thyroid Function & Support
Week Seventeen - Thyroid Threats
Week Eighteen - Powerful Parathyroids
Week Nineteen - Sustaining Her Pancreas
Week Twenty - Supply Her Pituitary
Week Twenty One - Her Mighty Hypothalamus
Week Twenty Two - Sustaining Her Healthy Liver Functions
Week Twenty Three - Keeping Her Liver Clean
Week Twenty Four - Her Petite Pineal
Week Twenty Five - Her Protein Profile

Lesson Eight

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