Dr Michael Gaeta's

2022 Herbal Summer School

Our Third Annual Live, Online Symposium on Phytotherapy for Today's World

Recordings from the August 12-13, 2022 Symposium, with Dr Michael Gaeta, Prof Kerry Bone and Charlotte Kikel, MS

Herbal Foundations - Enhancing Cognition - Detox for Life - Black Cumin - Chinese Wormwood -  Schisandra


Plant medicines hold unique promise and potential

to help us meet the unprecedented demands of modern life.

Chronic disease is on the rise, 80% of all medical costs are for chronic disease, and life expectancy is falling for the first time. The demands of nutritional deficiency, environmental toxicity, man-made radiation, chronic infection and stress place great demands on the bodymind. Immune and autoimmune conditions, cardiometabolic syndrome, diabetes, cancer, fatigue and cognitive decline are on the rise.

Today’s herbal therapy, based in ancient tradition and modern science, can help us not only survive but thrive in the modern world. Whole-food nutrition, as the foundational underpinning of all therapeutics, make herbal medicine more effective.

The Gaeta Institute’s annual Herbal Summer School will give you the knowledge, tools and practical strategies to improve your patient care and outcomes with an integrated approach to blending phytotherapy and food-based nutritional support. Learn traditional applications and current research on how plant medicines can increase resilience and well-being for acute, corrective and preventative care.

Symposium Topics

You Will Learn Botanical Medicine Science and Strategies On:

Dr Michael Gaeta: Foundations of Herbal Medicine; Deep Dive on Black Cumin Seed; Chinese Wormwood Update; Why Schisandra is My Favorite Chinese Herb

Prof Kerry Bone: Functional Herbal Therapy for Preventing Cognitive Decline and Improving Function

Charlotte Kikel: Detox for Life - Targeted Herbal Support for The Sacred Pathways of Elimination

"I cannot appreciate enough the positive attitude and approach Dr. Gaeta takes with lectures and answering questions. I plan to continue listening to the classes in hopes that I can also convey this information with similar grace and peace."

- Dr Stephanie Brewer

"I wish I would have known about Dr Gaeta's courses and the mentoring program a few years ago. I ended up something tens of thousands of dollars traveling and attending other programs, which left me quite depleted (mentally, physically, and financially) and which ultimately didn't resonate behind the protocols, O can make adjustment as needed AND feel confident that is is beneficial to the patient."

- Natascha Hebell, LAc

What’s Included in the program?


LIVE Online Symposium


LIVE Q&A with the faculty



Recorded live piano music from Michael

Audio and video recordings of all sessions

with slides, notes



Upon completion of Program materials, calls and exams, you will receive certification through the Gaeta Institute as a CNFMP: Certified Natural Functional Medicine (or Nutrition) Practitioner.

Optional 8 CEUs

pending for DC, LAc and ND in most states, +$100


here's everything you will recieved with

2022 Herbal Summer School


1. LIVE Online Symposium

2. LIVE Q&A with the faculty

3. Recorded live piano music

4. Audio and video recordings of all sessions

5. Certification

6. Optional 8 CEUs

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An Online Symposium in Phytotherapy for the Modern Patient, with Dr Michael Gaeta, Kerry Bone & Charlotte Kikel

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An Online Symposium in Phytotherapy for the Modern Patient, with Dr Michael Gaeta, Kerry Bone & Charlotte Kikel

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