Jack Butler


Jack runs Full Spectrum Living, a global advisory and executive coaching firm. He helps his clients with practical strategies for more mature leadership, a more integrated life and more sustainable impact. His clients are founders, conscious businesspeople, and people in life and career transition.

Jack has a double first in Social and Political Sciences from Cambridge University and played varsity soccer. He founded the social enterprise Future Foundations, where he directed over 100 youth deliveries with over 10,000 UK youth in transformational and leadership programs. Jack was a youth entrepreneurship adviser to Tony Blair’s government and an invitee to Downing Street by Prime Minister David Cameron. He was the youngest member of the UK Professional Speakers Association and was a runner-up in the UK Young Entrepreneur of the Year, being honored in the UK House of Lords. He is a former Fellow of the UK Institute of Directors and UK Royal Society of Arts. He is the convenor of Evolution Camp, a gathering for conscious people who care about personal and global evolution.

Jack coaches and teaches globally, to help people be more of who they really are, and trust they will find the right relationship. He supports deeper levels of freedom, authenticity and presence beyond the patterns and strategies we take to be our real selves. Jack has clients from around the world, he has taught on four continents and has online students in over 50 countries. He gave keynotes at Mckinsey Leadership Academy, International Enneagram Conference, and the Relational Leadership Summit.

His YouTube channel has received over 3M views and has over 40K subscribers. His Relationship Ready community has over 750 graduates.

Gaeta Institute Courses:

  • Clinicians Mastermind Circle
  • The Complete Practitioner