CSP-FRL.06 – Expert Nutrition Advisor

Expert Nutrition Advisor (ENA)

ENA is a cloud-based Nutrition Training solution with online video education services for Standard Process (SP) and MediHerb (MH) clinicians and patients.

ENA provides an education platform for doctors and practitioners to learn about twenty-seven concepts and principles of nutrition, education on the specific supplements of a patient nutritional schedule, protocols and lifestyle for common conditions and a system survey. 

As a practitioner you can choose to use ENA to aid and build your practice, or you can also utilize the subscription model to allow all patients in your practice to have access to the online video education platform. The goal here is to allow you to reach more patients and also provide instant access for a new patient to best practices and also for current patients to continue their journey for holistic health with over 300 patient focused videos.

ENA offers a patient portal that gives patients access to online system survey, branded website for your practice, easy online registration, 27 important concept & principles, 5 general health support videos, 9 optimum health support videos, 181 Standard Process Product videos, 125 MediHerb Product videos, 6 every patient wellness videos, 12 nutritional exam videos, and 16 system survey videos.

Reminders can be sent out automatically via email and text reminders to patients. Dr. Gaeta is working on updates to the videos including new product that have been developed in the last year.


Created and developed by Drs Michael Gaeta and Richard Schmitt




Phone 888-416-2840

[email protected]



ENA Online Systems Survey

Basic Patient Education without Systems Survey $29/month

Premium Patient Education + System Survey $49/month

Advanced: $135/month + $50 one-time setup fee $79/month

Nutrition Training and Expansion Program Only FREE for Practitioners

30 Day Trial Offer

First month is free, then you have the option to cancel your subscription.