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Expert Nutrition Advisor: Patient Video Education & Practice Marketing Service:  30 days free Premium trial. For CMC, watch any five videos per week.


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Cornbread Hemp: 15% discount on your first order with discount code GAETA

Nutrition Practice Management Software: code 6512 for 60 day free Advanced + $50 setup discount

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Vitalzym XE – World Nutrition – Tom Miano  (480) 505-5777

Wheatgrass Kits: Call in your order and mention Michael Gaeta for a 7.5% discount on all orders.

Selene River Press 10% discount code Michael

Kerry Bone’s Cancer Online Course   $100 discount code:  summerschool

Rev transcription service 

Heart Sound Recorder – mention The Gaeta Institute for a $200 discount on an HSR

Pan Immune enzyme formula  or call Tanya at Health Best Products. Phone: 208-345-3147. Fax: 541-488-7870 (so 90s!)

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