CSP-FRL.02 – Join Our One-Year Certification Program in Natural Functional Medicine

Clinician Mastermind Circle (CMC)

Improve your mastery of Standard Process, MediHerb, and natural functional medicine in this one-year certification program, now in its ninth year.

The most comprehensive and effective training in SP/MH available, and the best use of three hours per week to improve your patient care, confidence, and practice success. Study closely with Michael and a small group of committed colleagues, and learn from nine guest faculty.

Members also receive, at no charge, Gaeta Institute online courses, including: Cardiovascular Mastery Program, Cancer Support & Prevention, Autoimmune Mastery Program, and Creating a Successful Virtual Practice (normally $1,325) and CEUs.


Learn more and enroll at clinicianmastermind.com.

If you would like to have a one-on-one call with Michael to see if the CMC is a good fit for you and your practice, click here to schedule.