CSP-FRL.08 – Nutralysis

Nutralysis Wellness

Nutralysis is a HIPAA-Compliant cloud-based nutrition practice management software system which offers tools for managing scheduling, nutrition counseling, exam documentation, point of sale (POS) activity, inventory management, and more. The responsive web-based software is designed to work seamlessly on all devices and from anywhere.

Nutralysis allows users to create professional nutrition schedules including automatic bottle calculations, with a nutritional supplement resource guide (NSRG) detailing nutritional supplement information and clinical protocols. The inventory management module includes an algorithm to predict ideal stock levels, automatic purchase order creation, reordering reports, in-app purchase order emailing, and streamlined receiving of purchase orders and stock into inventory. Inventory is automatically updated each time a patient checks out, and backorders are tracked per person and factored into algorithms.

Nutralysis offers a patient portal that gives patients access to their nutrition schedule and receipts through a private, secure portal at any time. Patients can also request refills of previously approved supplements. Nutralysis allows staff and practitioners to manage the office appointment book and permit patients to self-book via the patient portal. Reminders can be sent out automatically via email and text reminders before booked appointments. Patients can also confirm their appointments via the links provided in the reminders, updating the appointment status automatically.


Created with the help of Dr Stuart White and other Standard Process doctors and practitioners




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Fundamental: $55/month + $50 one-time setup fee

Essential: $85/month + $50 one-time setup fee

Professional: $105/month + $50 one-time setup fee

Advanced: $135/month + $50 one-time setup fee

Nutrition Supplement Resource Guide (NSRG): $25/year

60 Day Trial Offer

Use code 6512 at sign-up to test drive the software