CSP-W00.09 – Your CSP Success Plan

1. Start with Why:

Having a strong enough Why or Purpose will get you through the What and How of learning the Program material.

Write down why you are taking this course, and what does it mean for you to be an Cancer-Proficient Practitioner?

Share your answer, if you wish, in the Comments here or below the other Lectures. Review and possibly update what you write each week. 

2. Begin with the End in Mind:

Write down (and, if you like, post in Comments below), your goals for this Program.

Q. What would total success look like for you after you complete the course in seven weeks? What are your ideal outcomes and results are for this Program? What do you want to see happen or change in you or your practice from this Program?

Q. If you were successful in all ways, how would you and your practice be different in six months? How will you know you have succeeded? Share, if you wish, in Comments. Review and possibly update what you write each week.

3. Proactive Scheduling:

Record in your calendar, for the seven weeks of the Program, when you will complete each part of it – the self-study of this online curriculum, the weekly calls, engaging in Comments below the Lectures – to ask and answer questions, to give and receive support.