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Circulation is Essential:
Clinical Training for Health Professionals

Improving Patient Care and Clinical Results with
Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy

With Lynell Hage, RN

Thursday, March 23rd, 10am MT / 12pm ET

In Chinese medicine, there is an ancient teaching that "stagnation is the cause of the hundred diseases." This is consistent with modern Western biomedicine, which acknowledges that impaired circulation or vascular health plays a role in many chronic conditions.

I recently started using an extensively-researched type of treatment that is, for me, a new way of helping patients. Consistent with published studies, I have seen excellent and consistent results within my own recovery from a knee injury, and clinically with patients.  This technology has an immediate effect in the body by improving microvascular circulation.

I'm honored to have a leading authority come to the Institute to offer a clinical training exclusively for health professionals, on the science and clinical benefits of this technology. She will answer all of your questions about PEMF, and explain how not all PEMF devices are equally effective for long- term clinical outcomes.  She has extensive clinical knowledge using this equipment, and looks forward to sharing with you the progression she has seen in her clients over the last 15 years. See you there! - Michael

For Practitioners Only: How to Improve Health in all 12 Body Systems by Optimizing Microcirculation
With Lynell Hage, RNThursday March 23rd, 10 am MT / 12 pm ET, via ZoomEnhancing circulation in your micro vessels enhances oxygenation and nutrition to tissues, and the removal of waste. The result is that all your bodily systems better self-regulate with greater efficiency.In a healthy 20- or 30-year-old, the rhythmic expansion/contraction of the capillaries happens roughly 30 to 50 times every ten minutes.  As we age, this pulsing in the small vessels usually slows down to somewhere between one and five times in ten minutes(!)  Join us for a clinical training and Q&A to explore what Lynell has experienced over 15 years of clinical practice.

This training will not be recorded, at the presenter's request, so be sure to attend live. 

Lynell Hage, RN has 46 years of medical experience and wisdom. She is also a certified Functional Medicine practitioner, which has influenced her passion for helping people find and utilize this technology in their quest for better health. Lynell started using this technology in her clinical practice in 2009, and has been teaching clinical academies to educate new practitioners since May 2014.  She loves teaching others how to help their clients see the best possible health outcomes.

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Video: Blood Flow Before, During and After PEMF Treatment
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