In today’s world of unprecedented environmental and pharmaceutical toxicity, an annual cleanse is essential for health restoration and maintenance. To that end, over my 33 years of practice I’ve created and refined an interactive mind-body cleanse that has helped hundreds of patients to lose weight, have more energy and vitality, think more clearly, learn to eat good food, and more. 

In today’s world, filled with tens of thousands of synthetic chemicals and pharmaceuticals that did not exist a hundred years ago, detoxification has gone from a luxury spa program to a necessary wellness and preventative practice. In the words of a toxicologist friend, toxicity has replaced infection as the primary cause of disease, poor health and early death. Many patients over the years marked their first cleanse as a significant turning point in their life and health. 

The Gaeta Clinic Group Cleanse is a modified version of the 21-Day Standard Process purification program, and has some new features this year.  

Here are the details: 

Minimum Components: 

 Optimal, optional components: 

-  A media fast – take a healthy break from newspapers, magazines and TV. Included in this year’s program, for the first time, is the wonderful book, Fast Media, Media Fast, by Thomas Cooper, PhD, Professor Emeritus, Emerson College, and published by Gaeta Press.  


What you will receive: 



The normal cost of the complete program is $425. With my appreciation for you as I begin my 25th year of practice, I am making this program available for $325 (save $100/24%), for those who register by 30 June 2014. After that, the program will continue to be available at the usual cost of $425. Once you register, you can begin the Cleanse at any time that is convenient for you. Please register here:  

Share this year’s Cleanse Program 

If someone you know would like to join us for this year’s Cleanse, and they have never seen me before as a patient, they can simply register as a new patient for an additional $50, and do a 20-minute phone consultation with me or one of my team before starting the Cleanse. They can register at  


What if I’m new to yoga? Great! Settle into your practice from the comfort of your home. Yoga practices will be gentle and accessible to beginners and experienced practitioners alike. It is quite alright if you are not flexible, that’s what yoga is for!

About your Yoga Instructor, Erin Winters. Erin Winters is a seasoned Yoga Teacher Trainer, Artist, and Foodie with a passion for empowering humans and radical care for the Earth. With a decade of experience, Erin specializes in training Yoga Teachers in Yin Yoga in the teaching methodology of Yin Yoga Pioneer, Paul Grilley.

“I believe a great instructor teaches people over teaching poses,”

Erin’s teaching style is relaxed, encouraging, and evidence based. You can also study Taoist Yoga, Slackline Yoga, Acro Yoga, Breathwork, Yoga Nidra, and Meditation Practices with Erin. Learn more at East West Retreats