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Pamela Richardson

About Your Instructor – Pamela Richardson, BSc, GDPH

With a consistent focus on improving the well-being of the public through her various endeavours, Pamela has worked primarily in risk management, health care and interior design.

Guided by a curious mind, an open heart, and a strong desire to learn and research, Pamela has appreciated opportunities to be of loving service to others, personally and professionally.

Interested in both medicine and architecture, Pamela started her career in science and health care. Graduating with a BSc from the University of Toronto, she worked in neurophysiology research. After studying for a Master of Public Health degree at the University of Adelaide, Pamela moved into the field of healthcare and risk management, with a special interest on the interplay of the environment (built and natural) and human health.

For the South Australian Health Department, Pamela worked in the Public Health Division in epidemiology and injury prevention. At the State Treasury Department of South Australia, Pamela was a Senior Risk Manager, advising State Government departments regarding risk management aspects such as occupational health and safety, environment protection, asset protection, and public liability. Starting as Risk Manager for a 400-bed critical-care teaching hospital, Pamela later became Executive Officer, assisting the CEO with management, and liaison with universities and various national and international hospitals and governments.

In the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Adelaide, Pamela was a guest lecturer on topics such as injury prevention, and hazardous substances. She was also a teaching assistant for graduate courses in epidemiology, and undergraduate courses in medicine and health sciences.

As a private risk management consultant, Pamela’s major clients were state government departments. Projects involved assessments of a wide variety of sites, writing reports and operations manuals, and providing staff training programs.

Pamela is also the founder and director of the Peace Valley Spirit discussion group, which meets regularly to consider a higher perspective on our current world situation, and how we can participate creatively in the Great Awakening that is occurring in people’s hearts and minds throughout the world.



This course uses a combination of approaches to the complex current Covid situation and beyond, to offer a broad understanding of factors which could be causing or contributing to the observed illnesses from receiving one of the experimental injections (62% of the world population), or being around those who have.

Ms Richardson has put in more than 2,000 hours over the last 18 months in carefully researching, verifying and creating the content of this course curriculum. This will save you countless hours in discovering the essential information you must know – for you, your family, and those you care about – to survive and thrive in today’s world, and participate in the Great Awakening, which is the life- and freedom-affirming alternative and antidote to the Great Reset.

After presenting what’s happening and how we got here, Ms Richardson will present four areas of solutions:

  • Covid Prevention: Minimize the risk of ‘Covid’ illness; improve health overall
  • Covid Treatment: Early treatment at home; treatment options recommended if hospital care is required; treatment of ‘Long Covid’,
  • Covid Injections: Suggestions offered are for treating health issues which arise due to injections. Note that Covid injections are not recommended whatsoever, due to their ineffectiveness and dangers.
  • Covid Contact Vaccinosis: Minimizing risk of exposure; improve health overall; initial and ongoing detoxification; boosting immunity; treatments

Risk Management Approach: Ms Richardson brings her years of public health and risk management experience to this course, and uses the decision-making process of risk management as an underlying framework. The process is similar to the health care procedure of diagnosis and treatment.

This course uses a framework of the five aspects of risk management:

Step One: Identifying risks

Step Two: Assessing risks

Step Three: Development of risk management plans – with two main parts:

– Part 1: Stop losses from occurring (this is the priority) – Risk Control

– Part 2: Finance the recovery from losses that do occur – Risk Financing

The course participant can create their personalized risk management plan for Steps One through Three, and then proceed to enact their own Steps Four and Five:

Step Four: Implementing a risk management plan (for an individual, family or company)

Step Five: Monitoring the risk management plan, in two sub-steps:

  • Evaluate effectiveness of the implemented measures, and consider efficiency
  • Make changes to the risk management plan as needed

Health Care Approach: The main health care modalities discussed are Chinese medicine, functional medicine, allopathic medicine, energy medicine, quantum healing technologies, consciousness, biogeometry, homeopathy, sound and light therapies, traditional practices, and essential oils.


Class One: Introduction, Health & Disease

1.1 Introduction and Course Overview

1.2 Risk Management Approach

1.3 Theories of Disease Causality

1.4 Health Models

1.5 Healthcare Approaches – Historical and Modern

1.6 Spiritual Aspects

Class Two: Covid Context & History

2.1 Controlling Organizations and Sectors

2.2 Genetic Modification, Control of Reproduction

2,3 Medical Industrial Complex

2,4 Traditional Cultures Suppressed

2.5 Control, Surveillance, Digital ID, Digital Currency

2.6 Mind Control and Covid

2.7 World Domination

Class Three: Covid-19 & Long Covid

3.1 Possible Causes of Covid – Overview

3.2 Current Views of Origin of SARS-CoV-2

3.3 Identification of Virus

3.4 Views on Virus Variants

3.5 Patterns of Covid Illness

3.6 What is Long Covid?

Class Four: Graphene Compounds & Nanotechnology, Part One

4.1 Healthcare Approaches – Ayurvedic, BioGeometry, Consciousness, Energy, Traditional Chinese

4.2 Graphene Compounds – Part 1 – Introduction

4.3 Nanotechnology – Part 1

Class Five: Graphene Compounds & Nanotechnology, Part Two

5.1 Graphene Compounds – Part 2 – Health Hazards, Biomedical Applications

5.2 Nanotechnology – Part 2 – Internet of Bodies, 5G and 6G, Internet of BioNanoThings

5.3 Introduction to Geoengineering

5.4 Graphene Detoxification – Preview of Class 8

Class Six: Covid Prevention Options

6.1 Epidemiological Analysis

6.2 Risk Reduction

6.3 Prevention – Micronutrients, Nutritional Supplements (overview)

6.4 Prevention – Analysis of Protocols

Class Seven: Covid Treatment Options Part One – Virus

7.1 Possible Causes of the Covid-19 syndrome

7.2 Overview – Treatment Options – By Protocol Source – Individuals

7.3 Overview – Treatment Options – By Protocol Source – Organizations

7.4 Overview – Treatment Options – By Protocol Source – Special

7.5 Overview – Treatment Options – By Method

7.6 Overview – Treatment Options – By Cause

Class Eight: Covid Treatment Options Part Two: Graphene, Electromagnetic Fields

8.1 Context (Geoengineering, Nanotechnology)

8.2 Treatment Options – by Cause – Set A – For Virus

8.3 Treatment Options – by Cause – Set B – For Graphene Poisoning

8.4 Treatments – by Source – Individuals- List

8.5 Treatments – by Source – Organizations- List

Class Nine: Covid Treatment Options – Radiation, Frequencies

9.1 Treatment Options – by Cause – Set C – For Non-Ionizing Radiation (EMF, 5G, 6G)

9.2 Treatment Options – by Cause – Set D – For Ionizing Radiation

9.3 Treatment Options – by Cause – Set E – For Harmful Frequencies

Class Ten A: Covid Treatment Options Part One – Nanotechnology, Toxicants, Psychological

Topic 10.1 – Treatment Options – by Cause – Graphene

Topic 10.2 – Treatment Options – by Cause – Nanotechnology

Class Ten B: Covid Treatment Options Part Two – Nanotechnology, Toxicants, Psychological

Topic 10.3 – Treatment Options – by Cause – Toxins – Chemicals

Topic 10.4 – Treatment Options – by Cause – Toxins – Heavy Metals

Topic 10.5 – Treatment Options – by Cause – Psychological Injury

Class Eleven: Covid Treatment Options – Long Covid, Covid Injections

11.1 Long Covid – Support

11.2 Injections – Possible Contents

Class Twelve: Covid Treatment Options – Covid Injections Continued

12.1 Covid Injections – Mechanisms of Injury

12.2 Injection Effects – Graphene and Nanotechnology

12.3 Protective Supports and Actions

Class Thirteen: Covid Contact Vaccinosis, Part One

13.1 Transmission Possibilities

13.2 Mechanisms of Injury

13.3 Adverse Health Effects

13.4 Treatment Options by Cause – Overview

Class Fourteen: Covid Contact Vaccinosis, Part Two

14.1 Treatment Options – by Cause – Set A – For Biological/Physical particles (virus/spike protein)

14.2 Treatment Options – by Cause – Set B – For Physical Nanoparticle (graphene compounds)

14.3 Treatment Options – by Cause – Set C – For Radiation (non-ionizing)

14.4 Treatment Options – by Cause – Set D – For Radiation (ionizing)

14.5 Treatment Options – by Cause – Set E – For Nanotechnology

14.6 Treatment Options – by Cause – Set F – For Chemical Toxins

14.7 Treatment Options – by Cause – Set G – For Toxic Metals

14.8 Treatment Options – by Cause – Set H – For Other

Class Fifteen: Summary, Conclusions, New Developments, Action Steps

15.1 Summary

15.2 Conclusions

15.3 New Developments

15.4 Action Steps


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