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Effective Immune Support

Despite the widespread use of antibiotics and ineffective vaccinations, infectious disease is actually on the rise. While we are not faced with the great pandemics of the past (this may change), the immune competency of the average American is in steep decline. Common infections often last longer, and more antibiotic-resistant pathogens evolve with each passing year. Autoimmune disease is exploding in incidence, now affecting over 50 million (1 in 6) Americans.

Nutritional deficiency, chemical toxicity and endocrine depletion are strong contributors to impaired immune function. This seminar trains clinicians in the assessment of common causes of immune weakness, and provides effective, practical support strategies using diet, lifestyle and natural medicine.

This clinical training is for natural health professionals who wish to improve their patient care by providing better immune support to their patients – using diet, food- and plant-based supplementation and herbal therapy. Attendees learn using safe, effective and practical tools for improving the immune health of their patients. Particular emphasis is given to diet, lifestyle and natural medicine for preventing infectious disease, and supporting patients with acute infections.

Autoimmune conditions, which now include at least 155 diseases, are one of the most rapidly-growing categories of disorders, affecting one in six (over 50 million) Americans. The US has more autoimmune disease per capita than any other nation on Earth, for specific reasons. As clinicians, if we do not have an understanding of autoimmune disease and how to help prevent and reverse the autoimmune process, we will not be able to fully address the needs of today’s patients.

Drawing on modern research and the 30-year experience of the presenter, this seminar will give you effective, time-tested ways to help your patients with a wholistic approach to effective immune support. Look forward to an engaging seminar that will provide practical tools that you can use the next day in the office.

Seminar Goals & Objectives

By completing this program, the participant will:

  1. Review innate and acquired immunity
  2. Understand the essential role of ionized calcium in the immune response
  3. Learn essential nutrients and botanicals for supporting optimal immune function, including the C complex, A complex, Echinacea root and more
  4. Acquire effective, natural approaches for preventative and acute immune support, using diet, whole-food supplements and herbal therapy
  5. Understand pediatric care & treatment concerns

The Vaccine Myths

This seminar is for those who wish to become better informed about the risks of vaccines, advocate for healthcare freedom of choice, and provide natural support for optimal immune response.

Mass vaccinations are widely touted by conventional medicine and the mainstream media as being responsible for eradicating and preventing many infectious diseases and epidemics. Is this true? And do the claimed benefits of vaccines outweigh their dangers and risks?

Dozens of bills in many states seek to override parental choice and eliminate informed consent, based on “herd immunity,” the disproven theory that vaccinating oneself protects others, and that failing to vaccinate endangers others. Credible, independent science concludes that the one-size-fits-all vaccine schedule has significant risks, and may do far more harm than good.

Despite the widespread use of antibiotics and vaccinations, drug-resistant infectious disease is on the rise. While we are not faced with the great epidemics of a century ago (not because of vaccines), the immune competency of the average American is in decline. Common infections are lasting longer, and more chronic diseases are caused by low-level infections. Autoimmune disease is exploding in incidence, now affecting over 50 million (1 in 6) Americans.


Course Outline

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Effective Immune Support

Seminar Part Two

Seminar Part One

Seminar Part Three

Seminar Part Four

Seminar Part Five – final

Resources & Next Steps


The Vaccine Myths

Part One – Vaccines & Choice

Part Two – The Vaccine Myths

Part Three – The Vaccine Myths, Part Two

Part Four – Preventative Immune Support

Part Five – Acute Immune Support; Chronic Infections

Bonus Webinar – Vaccinations & Immune Support (104:37)

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