For nearly three years we were told to wear masks and stay away from each other for two weeks, to “slow the spread.” We were subjected to senseless, harmful mask mandates. This is not based in science, evidence or data. And this is the first time in history that measures, like masks, are being used in the general population of healthy, asymptomatic people, and not just for those who are sick and those around them. It’s absurd, it’s not logical, and it’s harming everyone, especially children, physically and/or psychologically.

This course is a citizen activism guide for those who have had enough of this nonsense, want to get informed, and do something about it.

Inside you’ll receive:

– My exact two-minute script for my testimony to the local school board, which you can adapt and use to show up at your local school board or health dept meetings

– My cover letter to the school board, for you to adapt and use

– My two videos on masks

– Dozens of scientific articles and studies, full text, abstracts or links, proving masks-for-everyone is most definitely useless and harmful

– A collection of my favorite videos from others

– A collection of links to additional mask, covid, and vaccine websites that are telling the truth about what’s going on

– BONUS: Our online course on Vaccines and Choice

and much more

We don’t appreciate how powerful we are in our potential to create positive change, oppose tyranny, and preserve our basic and essential human rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Get informed and take action.


Citizen Activism Kit

Sources and Resources

Michael’s Favorite Links on COVID and more

Dr Gaeta’s Mask Videos:

  1. To Mask or Not to Mask (4:41)
  2. Why Masks Do More Harm than Good (16:01)

Curated Videos from Others

Ted Noel, MD (28:22)

Tom Woods, PhD (52:34)

Ben Swann (12:36)

Lee Merritt, MD (25:55)

Anthony Fauci, MD Admits Masks are Merely Symbolic (1:27)