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Course Description

All About Trauma. We will dive into the topic of Ross Rosen’s textbook, Heart Shock: Diagnosis and Treatment of Trauma. This will be a multifaceted and engaging presentation of how one can directly and immediately understand trauma, how it is impacting someone’s health (physical, mental-emotional, spiritual), and provide strategies for addressing it.

Amongst many other things, we will discuss the basic concepts of how trauma creates instability, how to understand the energetics behind the fight/flight/freeze/fold (vasovagal) effects, diagnosing the integrity of the nervous system, circulatory system, etc. as well as signatures on the pulse, tongue, face and abdomen that reveal the presence of trauma.

This is the foundational Part One course on this subject. More advanced training to follow will be based on this course.

Who is this Course for?

All practitioners of the healing arts, and the health-conscious public. Chinese medicine training is helpful, though not necessary.

Class Schedule & Outline

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Class One

Introducing the concept of Heart Shock as a Chinese Medicine umbrella term reflecting the instability resulting from trauma; unpacking all its associated parts and diagnoses; detailing its internal dynamics and energetics, etc.

Class Two

Detailed analyses of how to diagnose Heart Shock from multiple perspectives, including: pulse, tongue, complexion, palm, abdomen, eyes, etc.

Class Three

Formulating comprehensive strategies for addressing Heart Shock that are applicable to any treatment modality.

Preview some of the Heart Shock Course Content Below:

Your Faculty Member

Ross Rosen

Ross Rosen

Ross Rosen, LAc, JD, MSTOM, Dipl OM (NCCAOM), Board Certified Herbalist, is a licensed practitioner of acupuncture and Chinese medicine, and the founder of the Center for Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine in Westfield, NJ, where he has been practicing for the past 20+ years. He is the author of the text, Heart Shock: Diagnosis and Treatment of Trauma with Shen-Hammer and Classical Chinese Medicine, as well as being a direct lineage holder and senior instructor of Chinese Pulse Diagnosis and Classical Chinese medicine, teaching these disciplines world-wide. Ross Ross is also a long time student and practitioner of Daoism, and is an ordained 23rd generation Daoist Priest in the Quanzhen, Longmen tradition at the Jian Fu Gong on Qingcheng Mountain, and a 25th generation Daoist Priest at the Qingyun Daoguan. He is one of the teachers at Parting Clouds Daoist Education.

Ross’s early interest in Chinese culture, philosophy and martial arts led to the study of acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine at the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in New York City, where he earned his Masters of Science in Traditional Oriental Medicine. Ross is Board Certified nationally by the NCCAOM in acupuncture, herbal medicine and Asian bodywork (Dipl. O.M.), as well as being state licensed in New York and New Jersey. In addition to his training and background in Chinese medicine, he is a member of the New York and New Jersey Bar.

Ross’s passion for Chinese medicine lies in its diagnostic capability; specifically, determining the underlying causes of an illness and detecting the energetics of that illness in order to prevent disease. This is why Ross has dedicated years to the study of Contemporary Chinese Pulse Diagnosis (CCPD), Contemporary Oriental Medicine® (COM) and Chinese medical psychology and is one of only a few practitioners to be certified by and continue to receive hands on training with world renown Dr. Leon Hammer in these disciplines. Ross is a senior certified teacher and serves on the Board of Directors of Dragon Rises, Inc. as well as Contemporary Oriental Medicine Foundation and is a direct lineage holder and spokesman for CCPD and COM.

Ross has also spent years dedicated to the study and practice of Classical Chinese Medicine (including Classical pulse diagnosis) under 88th generation Daoist priest Jeffrey Yuen, both privately as well as through the American University of Complementary Medicine’s PhD program. Ross has been granted permission to teach this material directly by Jeffrey Yuen. This foundation and the synthesis with CCPD and COM (Shen-Hammer) forms the basis of his clinical practice, ideology, paradigm and world-view.

Ross’s passion for martial arts has been a constant throughout his life. He attained the rank of Fourth Degree Black Belt and Instructor in Shaolin Kempo in his early twenties. He currently practices Taijiquan and Qigong.

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