Course Outline

  1. A & P Review
  2. Cardiovascular Disease Overview
  3. Vascular Review
  4. Dr Lee’s Endocardiograph & the new digital Heart Sound Recorder
  5. Cardiac Rate & Autonomic Balance
  6. Cardiac Rhythm & Nerve Condition
  7. Myocardial Tone & Receptivity to Nutrition
  8. Vascular Considerations
  9. Resources & Next Steps

Course Curriculum

Heart Sound Recorder Seminar Slides and Notes

HSR Seminar Audio [12 hours]:

Part One [1hr:51]

Part Two [1hr:43]

Part Three [1hr:45]

Part Four {1hr:39]

Part Five [1hr:59]

Part Six – Final [1hr:28]

HSR Resources

Further Resources and Learning


Student Comments

“Great information!” – Amie Forget, RN

“I appreciate the background on Dr. Lee and his participation in WW2 and contributions to the war effort. What a movie his life would make!” – Danette L. Sutton, DC

“I loved this heart seminar!” – James Wells, DC

“Your vision of healing and impacting the world is beautiful!” – Hasso Wittboldt-Mueller, Nutritionist