With Dr Michael Gaeta, DAOM, MS, CDN

Course Description

The objective findings of laboratory testing are an important part of the wholistic clinician’s practice. They can affirm with independent data a practitioner’s assessment, and reveal important facts about a patient’s health that may not have been discovered through other means. In short, lab analysis complements the subjective and intuitive aspects of a clinician’s healing art. This highly-anticipated new seminar, taught by one of the leading presenters in the field of natural medicine, is essential to the well-rounded wholistic practitioner. It will explore the key areas of blood, urine and hair analysis, and provide specific protocols using food and plant based formulas. Raise the level of your practice and improve your abilities!

Course Curriculum

Nutritional Application of Laboratory Analysis [15 hours]

Clinical Application of Hair Mineral Analysis – Module One [1hr:35] (95:36)

Clinical Application of Hair Mineral Analysis – Module Two [1hr:57] (117:22)

On Lab and Other Testing

Nutritional Application of Urinalysis (69:14)

Patient Handout: Annual Tests to Do & Online Lab Access

Next Steps & Resources