With Dr Michael Gaeta, DAOM, MS, CDN

Seminar Description

From birth to late stage life, each patient experiences a unique set of challenges that create stress on the body, health changes and ushers in the aging process. How we age can be defined by our genetics, environment and more importantly, how we manage our health at each stage of life. As a practitioner, recognizing signs, properly assessing status and offering timely and specific solutions will be key to helping patients make steering corrections along the way. During this seminar, Dr. Gaeta will address a broad range of important topics that lend way to a healthy life and healthy aging, including a review of the mechanisms of cellular health. He will also discuss basic laboratory assessment, effective diet and lifestyle recommendations and food and plant-based formulas that can be used immediately in your life and in your practice. Dr. Gaeta has compiled a comprehensive and practical program that considers the key components of health at every stage of life

Seminar Topics

● Healthy Aging—genetics vs epigenetics
● Laboratory Analysis—basic profiles
● Endocrine Health & Metabolic Syndrome
● Lifestyle Considerations
● Protein Utilization & Tissue Repair
● Mechanism of Fats in Proper Health
● Cell Resilience & Replication
● Detoxification—toxicity & purification
● Nutrition—diet and supplementation
● Exercise and Longevity

● Common Health Care Scams and Other Misleading Information