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System Strength Analysis

Biofield Assessment Protocol

Unlock the power of biofield assessment with Dr. Stuart White’s Muscle Testing System in this comprehensive how-to course, designed to equip practitioners with effective tools for evaluation.

Background & Details:

Ten years ago, Dr Stuart White, DC was wrongly accused by his former wife, Cathryn, of molesting their young children. Cathryn brought these false charges against him one month after she learned he was divorcing her, in an effort to punish and ruin him for leaving the marriage.
There were many irregularities in how the case and jury were handled. Cathryn not only brought these false allegations against Stuart, but also falsely accused her previous husband of molesting their babysitter. The judge in Stuart’s case did not allow the jurors to learn that critical information. Cathryn has also prevented their children from seeing their father Stuart for the past 10 years, and has psychologically manipulated them against him.
After a 10-year legal battle, Stuart was convicted and imprisoned in Texas on December 19th, 2023.┬áStuart’s sentencing is in Houston on January 23rd. The minimum penalty in Texas for this crime is 25 years. Stuart, now 66 years old, will spend the rest of his life in prison if his appeal is unsuccessful.
This horrific injustice to an incredible human being, Godly man and brilliant doctor has been a shock. I’m working with his wife, Dr Nicole Fodel, DC, to raise funds towards the estimated $200,000 in legal fees for his appeal. One of the top appeals attorneys in Texas, with 40 years experience, has agreed to take on his case. He remarked that he has overturned convictions in appeals cases that were not as strong as Stuart’s, so we are hopeful. More details here.

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