Self-Study: The Biology of Nutrition

From Pre-Conception to Old Age.

In Collaboration with IPAK EDU

Course Description

This course will focus on the biology of nutrition throughout life. Papers and studies are provided with each week’s lecture topic. We will focus on biological mechanisms of nutrition and health, anchoring findings from clinical and epidemiological studies in the context of systems biology. Emphasis is also on the practical application of nutrition science from Dr Gaeta’s 31+ years of clinical experience as a dietician-nutritionist. Biologist, geneticist and research scientist Dr James Lyons-Weiler provides additional discussion of nutrition topics from recent literature.

There is no textbook. Accessing the literature: The instructor will share .pdfs of each reading to the extent that copyright laws permit fair use.

Your Faculty

Michael Gaeta, DAOM, MS, CDN: Core Curriculum

James Lyons-Weiler, PhD: Additional Lectures

Course Curriculum

Class #1: Overview and Preconception Nutrition (87:58)

Class #2: Nutrition During Pregnancy: Benchmarks and How a Fetus Eats (91:28)

Class #3: Breastfeeding & Nutrition (65:40)

Class #4: Early Years (69:54)

Class #5: Childhood & Adolescent Nutrition (78:23)

Class #6: Adulthood, Aging & Nutrition (63:17)

Class #7: Later Years: Geriatric Nutrition (86:37)

Class #8: The Human Microbiome (75:17)

Class #9: Nutrition and the Immune System (76:43)

Class #10: Genetics, Epigenetics & Nutrition (72:41)

Class #11: Nutrition for Cardiovascular Health (79:30)

Class #12: Metabolic Syndrome and Glycemic Regulation (70:15)

Class #13: Food Allergies & Sensitivities (72:28)

Class #14: Nutrition and Autoimmunity (93:29)

Class #15: Nutrition and Cancer Resistance (88:17)