The Complete Practitioner Business Course

Live Your Priorities, Find Your Financial Flow

With Dr Michael Gaeta, DAOM, MS, CDN and Jack Butler, MA

Course Description

When you have a heart-centered, successful practice that changes lives

Most of us practitioners are either no longer practicing because we couldn’t make it after graduation, or are working hard in a practice that doesn’t nourish us as well as it does our clients.

Most of us are struggling in practice. We think we have to do everything ourselves, try to get better at juggling more balls in the air, don’t travel or take vacations because we can’t stop working, are stressed that we don’t have enough income left over for ourselves and our families after the bills get paid, or don’t practice what we preach with excellent self-care. We don’t want to stoop to icky, high-pressure sales tactics that practice management gurus tell us we need to embrace. And we certainly don’t want to spend so much of our time running a business, that we don’t not have enough energy and attention to do what we we are called to do in becoming a practitioner.

Being in practice doesn’t have to be this way. It doesn’t have to be an exhausting activity, one that you do poorly, or that leaves you poor.

In fact, the Complete Practitioner is one who does their best work in changing lives, lives from the highest priorities in their heart, and has a financial flow of abundance. The Complete Practitioner creates a life that generously blesses others with excellent healing work that makes a difference, knows a sense of joy and well-being, and has a sense of ease around money by doing well financially. The Complete Practitioner is something you can learn how to be.


Your Instructors

Michael Gaeta, DAc, MS, CDN and Jack Butler, MA

It all started when…

Michael and Jack met in Boulder. Michael was running a successful practice and teaching, but was buried under to-do lists, the minutiae of running a business and caught up in the day-to-day, never feeling like he could get ahead. Jack, a professional coach, began working with Michael to help prioritize and make difficult decisions in order to clear space to focus on the bigger picture. A few years of practicing this discipline, Michael went from surviving to thriving. Now, together, they’re sharing this valuable approach with you.

Dr Michael Gaeta is a visionary educator, clinician and writer in the field of natural health care. His purpose is to create a world of vital, resilient people who find fulfillment through positive contribution, and choose a lifestyle of “nature first, drugs last”. Michael has trained over 15,000 health professionals in 24 years as an educator. His teaching is informed by 27 years of successful clinical practice, which combines clinical nutrition, acupuncture, herbal therapy and Asian bodywork to help people heal, grow and evolve. Michael is a pianist, and past president of the Acupuncture Society of New York. He teaches 3,000 health professionals each year through his live & online trainings, including the Clinician’s Mastermind Circle.

Jack Butler is an international workshop leader and runs a global coaching and advisory firm that helps practitioners and business owners achieve their highest potential while staying true to themselves. Jack has a wealth of experience, with a Masters in Social and Political Sciences from the University of Cambridge, was a youth entrepreneurship adviser to Tony Blair’s government and has founded Future Foundations–a social enterprise which develops leadership and personal growth programs for youth. His previous keynotes include the International Enneagram global conference, Mckinsey Leadership Academy and the UK Royal Society of Arts.


Course Curriculum

Week Zero: Pre-Course Preparation: Getting Ready

Welcome! How to approach the Course (17:56)

Setting the Stage (10:35)

Setting the Stage – Part Two (7:58)

Begin with the End in Mind (2:19)

BONUS: Michael’s Interview of Jack for the Clinician’s Mastermind Circle (CMC) program (91:22)


Module One – Living Your Priorities: Where Are You Really?

Module One Intro, and Our Core Beliefs & Perspectives (13:59)

The Three Phases of Self-Development (9:33)

The Three Foundational Principles of Practice Building (8:14)

The One Law (15:42)

Values Assessment (10:01)

An Introduction to Presence, Productivity & Essentialism (6:55)

Your Commitment Inventory, Parts 1, 2 and 3 (22:17)

Live Call One – Where are you really? (92:30)


Module Two – Living Your Priorities: Redesigning Your Life and Business

Introduction to Module Two (3:24)

The Yin and Yang of Success (7:03)

Your Ideal Practice, SMART Goals (11:48)

Your Life & Professional Goals (4:09)

The Three Functional Areas of Your Business (35:09)

Your Key Practice Metrics and Stats (10:45)

Your Target Monthly Income (22:39)

The Three Hats: Owner vs CEO vs Manager (17:59)

Live Call Two: Re-Designing Your Life and Business (92:55)


Module Three – Living Your Priorities: Presence Is Your Best Strategy

Introduction to Module Three (4:42)

The Yin and Yang of Practice Building (20:12)

Your Three Essential Life Questions (21:38)

The One Right Starting Point (15:44)

How to Identify and Drop Your Habitual Personas (16:35)

The Three Instincts Master Model (33:14)

How To Get Out Of Your Own Way: Dropping Your Inner Critic (25:14)

The Present and Productive Matrix (17:21)

BONUS: Jack’s Introduction to the Enneagram Series (1:15)

BONUS: Structure of the Enneagram (2:18)

BONUS: Enneagram Type 1 (1:48)

BONUS: Enneagram Type 2 (1:44)

BONUS: Enneagram Type 3 (1:51)

BONUS: Enneagram Type 4 (1:25)

BONUS: Enneagram Type 5 (2:30)

BONUS: Enneagram Type 6 (2:04)

BONUS: Enneagram Type 7 (3:28)

BONUS: Enneagram Type 8 (1:37)

BONUS: Enneagram Type 9 (1:37)

Live Call Three: Presence is Your Best Strategy (95:24)


Module Four – Finding Your Financial Flow: Finding Your Flow – Blocks to Making Money

Introduction to Module 4 (3:54)

Good to Great (11:31)

Your Fearless Financial Inventory (13:39)

The Money Archetypes (21:47)

Cultivating Self-Preservation Energy (19:31)

Seven Characteristics of the Financially Savvy (18:45)

The Tao of Money Mastery (13:51)

BONUS: Michael’s CMC ‘Conscious Business’ interview with Steve Farrell, MBA, Exec. Director, Humanity’s Team, Former Silicon Valley CEO


Module Five – Finding Your Financial Flow: Sales and Marketing Essentials

Introduction to Module 5 (3:57)

The Yin and Yang of Marketing – Part 1: Yin (28:23)

The Yin and Yang of Marketing – Part 2: Yang (20:16)

The Triad of Practice Marketing (10:17)

Share Your Purpose (8:29)

The Free Consultation (14:15)

Walking the Charts (24:03)

BONUS: Jack’s interview with Natalie Sisson, on Freedom and Lifestyle Design

BONUS: Cracking the Money Code: The Three Phases of Sales (24:39)

Live Call: Sales & Marketing Essentials (96:47)


Module Six – Finding Your Financial Flow: Bringing It All Together

Intro to Week 6 (4:00)

Jack’s Top Ten Productivity Hacks (21:27)

Sliding Scale Fees: Doing It Right (20:27)

The Complete Practitioner Review (14:31)

Developing Your Action Plan (9:22)

BONUS: Love, Serve and Succeed E-book

Live Call: Bringing It All Together (85:54)


Extra Bonus Content

Jack’s interview with Russ Hudson, a world-leading Enneagram teacher

Pre-Course Introductory Video Trainings & Invites

Three Keys to Being A High Functioning Practitioner (21:42)

The Three Pillars (91:53)

Further Resources and Learning


Student Comments

“Service is the ONLY thing that is ultimately satisfying anymore for me. I’m doing the Clinician’s Mastermind Circle and The Complete Practitioner. Excellent coverage on Internal Accountability. I’m an over-committer – and the L word (Limitations) has been humbling – as you both stated. Doing the Values work and what I call Self-Stalking (inventory of our time use) has shown me that I have to focus on just a few things – not saying yes to free talks, and free volunteer, and free this and that…” – Craig Lane, LAc

“This was excellent material – Great! Wow – this one – The Three Functional Areas of Your Business – was really helpful! Thank you so much for this, and for the Walking the Charts lesson! – Roxanna Smock, LAc

“Michael, “Sliding Scale: Doing it Right” is a great way to handle a difficult issue.

Thanks Jack, for your Top Ten Productivity Hacks. These are good areas to focus on to cut out the time killers of life. I read about a study on productivity that found for every distraction a worker had it took 18 minutes of non- distraction time to get back to the level of focus and productivity the worker was at before the distraction. Happens to us daily.

“Good to Great” is a great one Michael. I’ve lost some of my passion for chiropractic because of all the time, energy and focus I’ve had to use on Electronic Heath records, attesting for Medicare, security risk assessments  and corrections for all of our electronic data sources, yada, yada, yada. I’m sure some would call that excuseitis, but it’s real to me. I’ve been much more passionate about nutrition lately, so possibly this entire program will bring me to do much more of what I’m passionate about now. Awesome!

“The Three Money Archetypes” is a great discussion. Good suggestions on how to improve the three archetypes that are counter-productive.

“Cultivating Self-Preservation Energy” is a much-needed discussion. I’ve said yes to more time and energy required positions and activities in my life, probably my severe detriment. The first important thing is to recognize you’re allowing it to happen. Took me decades to reach that clarity. Then, the ability to simply say “NO” sometimes. I love all of your points of action to get ourselves to a better energy state. Will use this as an instruction manual to help raise my self-preservation energy/instinct.  Many thanks!

I watched “Developing Your Action Plan” and the previous video with a bit of sadness. Can’t believe this is the last session. Will definitely create a top 3-5 priorities together and post near my desk. I will also create a full detailed plan on how to incorporate all you both have taught us that hit me between the eyes and heart, spreading it out over the next 90 days. will re-eval at 90 days and create a new action plan. Thank you both for a simply amazing educational experience. Que Bella!  Multa Grazie!”

William V Cirino, DC

“An Introduction to Presence, Productivity & Essentialism” is great info…thanks, Jack.” – Dan S. Monson, DC

“Great clarity thoroughly enjoyed hearing your principles and viewpoint. Makes me very excited about my own ability to transform. Many thanks.” – Eileen Karn, LAc

“Thank you Michael. I love the part in “Walking the Charts” about putting the energy. Patients calling in that you didn’t even contact. Amazing, my friend.

Sending gratitude for this course. I am so grateful to have your guidance and this community. I am at such a pivotal point in my practice and life right now. Absolute Synchronicity to find this Teaching Series that bridges my meditative practice/teachings with my efforts to establish my clinic. Express the Spirit through the Heart.

My new motto “protect time, energy and money.” Thanks for saying too that it is an ongoing cultivation, and I must be willing to do the inner and outer work. Blessings and Cheers!” – Laura D Varga, DC

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