Resources, Recommendations and References

Get Informed – all things nutrition – great resources on diet and health. Excellent clinician trainings on nutrition. Download the free Historical Archives for timeless wisdom from the pioneers of the field of wholistic nutrition. (vaccines) (health) (nutrition)


Take Action (nutrition) – feed the hungry. This is my browser homepage.


Business Resources $10 discount code: legal10

  • LLCs, corporations, trademarks, DBAs, copyrights, business licenses, etc.
  • Free small business learning center – Online scheduling for clinicians. It’s fabulous – eliminates most phone messages and calls for appointments. Patients can make and change appointments online, 24/7. The system also automatically sends reminder emails for appointments, and has a beautiful, clean user interface. Patients love it.



 Direct-to-Consumer Blood and Urine Tests – no doctor’s prescription needed 10% discount code: wellness10  I’ve created three customized profiles of my favorite tests for the lab (Cardiovascular, Sugar and Thyroid), that they have bundled into deeply discounted panels you can access easily through that link, as well as any other tests you wish.


Clinicians or patients who would like advice on which tests to order, or help with interpretation and selection of natural remedies can schedule a phone consultation.

Go to or send an email through the Contact Us link on this site to schedule am appointment. Fees are $4/minute.