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Who will join you?
We are opening up, on a limited basis, the Colorado training program outside Dr. Gaeta’s Clinician’s Mastermind Circle. You will be part of a group of practitioners at all levels.

What you will learn? There are three areas of learning, including Clinical, Business and Self-Development.

Why you should attend this training? Past participants have said this training helped them to feel confident clinically, clear about next steps to grow themselves and their business, and rejuvenated by nourishing time with like-minded colleagues.

What is included? Five days of clinical and business development in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains at the stunning 300-acre conference center and organic farm, Sunrise Ranch. This cost includes and you will register for accommodations and farm-to-table meals directly with Sunrise Ranch and range from $260 to $732, based on the type of accommodation.


18 hours of clinical and business development training


Dr Gaeta Casual 1

Dr Michael Gaeta

Educator, Clinician, Writer and Publisher in the field of natural healthcare

joseph antell

Joseph Antell

CN, Nutrition Practitioner, Author

angela grace

Angela Grace

MA, Business Coach

glenn kikel

Glenn Kikel

Former Standard Process Representative in Texas


Charlotte Kikel

MS, ACN, MCPP, Herbalist, Educator, Author

monica corrado

Monica Corrado

MA, Chef, Author, Educator - Cooking Class: “Meat Stock: The One Pot Meal that Heals”

Erin Winters

Erin Winters

BFA, ERYT 500, Yoga Instructor, Marketing, Artist - Morning Yoga Practice: Gentle Movement & Taoist Yoga

Event Schedule & Program

Friday, August 26:

Suggested arrival at Denver International Airport (DIA) by 2pm

4-5pm: arrival, check in, settle in to your room, tour the grounds

6pm: Opening Dinner

730-9pm: Opening Session

Saturday, August 27:

7:30-8:15am: Yoga

8:15am: Breakfast


12-2pm: Lunch and free time


5-6pm: Free Time


Dinner 730-9pm or so: Evening Session at the Fire Pit

Sunday, August 28:

7:30-8:15am: Yoga

8:15am: Breakfast

9am-12pm: Group Hike

12-3pm: Lunch and free time



Dinner 7:15-9pm: Evening Session - Treatment Exchange

Monday, August 29:

7:30-8:15am: Yoga

8:15am: Breakfast


12-3pm: Lunch and free time



7-9pm: Dinner in town, at a restaurant TBA

Tuesday, August 30:

7:30-8:15am: Yoga

8:15am: Breakfast

9am-12pm: Final training with Michael Gaeta

Closing session & group photo

12:15pm: Lunch - final group meal Plan for flight departures from DIA after 5pm if possible

Comments from Italy Intensive Attendee Dr Holly Carling

interview ss

What Gaeta Institute Intensive Attendees Are Saying

“Thank you and your organizers for such a great Italy intensive. I am reminded how important it is to get a intensive, not just a conference of back to back CE lectures. Haven’t had the full intensive experience since Qi gong weekends in school.

SO much more of a chance to relax, recharge and also with the curriculum including the personal/business growth topics/activities, an opportunity to go deep and explore in a safe place among a family of support. I felt buoyed up. Plus the beautiful setting, relaxed energy, and great food, I couldn’t help but be nourished. Great recipe for success. It looked like it ran smoothly without a lot of effort, but I’m sure it was a lot of planning for all that to come together. 🙂

I am feeling really good about a lot of things, thank you for the one-on-one with me Thursday night.

I am feeling more confidence, I started someone on a mini protocol and signed her up for a purification preorder. YAY!”


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