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Above: Dr Michael Gaeta and Robert Scott Bell spoke at the Naturally Inspired Health Summit in Loveland, Colorado, June 24, 2023

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Thank you for listening to Robert Scott Bell's conversation with Dr Michael Gaeta. Below you will find research, resources, natural products referenced in the show, and more.

One of the topics that came up was how to best support cancer patients.

Here is the multi-faculty online course with monthly classes that I mentioned:

One of the questions was about selenium. Click here for the food-based selenium formula I use in practice. Search for Selenium (Innate Response)

I also pointed out the usefulness of Echinacea Root for helping support the immune system during chemotherapy and in general.

Echinacea Root Presentation Slides with References


Black & White

Protocols from My Clinic

The Echinacea Root product I mentioned, which I take myself preventatively, and use with patients: click here

This is my favorite herb for daily immune support and prevention, and as an adaptogen for healthy aging. May also help reduce anxiety and weight/fat gain. Ideal dose is 3 per day. Minimum effective dose is 1 twice per day.

Dose I often recommend:

Daily Prevention: 2-3 tablet per day.

Acute Support: 2 tablets, 3-5 times per day


I always combine specific nutritional immune support with this herb, so that the herb works better and faster: click here

Dose I often recommend:

Ideal dose: 1 pack, twice per day, daily

Minimum dose: 1 pack per day

When sick, 1 pack, 4 times per day

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