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Series One: Business Seminars
Love, Serve and Succeed®: Connecting Spirit to Success for Health Professionals

• A Review Article on Modules One through Five
• Module One: Spiritual Mastery and the Healing Relationship: The Essential Foundation
• Module Two: Starting Up Right: Preparing to Create a Strong Practice
• Module Three: Legal Issues and Asset Protection
• Module Four: Effective Marketing on a Shoestring: What Works and Doesn’t Cost a Lot
• Module Five: Growing a Thriving Practice (without insurance)
• Module Six: Building and Preserving Wealth: Being Financially Savvy
• Module Seven: Integrity in the Healing Relationship: Ethics for Health Professionals

Series Two: Clinical Seminars
Success with Natural MedicineTM:
Integrating Whole Food Concentrates & Western Herbs into Clinical Practice

Group One: Core/Foundational Seminars: principles & application
• Understanding Whole Food Nutrition: Wholistic vs. Pharmaceutical Nutrition
• Ten Essential Botanicals for Modern Clinical Practice
• Protomorphogens: Principles & Practice, and Autoimmune Disease
• Creating a Successful Natural Medicine Practice: Systems for Success
• Growing the Circle: Integrating Clinical Nutrition & Western Herbs into an Acupuncture/Chinese Medicine Practice

Group Two: Clinical Topic Seminars: in-depth education on essential clinical areas
• Cancer Support and Prevention
• A Wholistic Approach to Promoting Cardiovascular Health
• Vaccination Alternatives and Preventing Infectious Disease
• The Flu Vaccine and Support for Respiratory Infections
• A Wholistic Approach to Purification and Cleansing
• Healing the Center: A Wholistic Approach to Improving Digestive Health

• Endocrine Mastery: Thyroid, Adrenal, Blood Sugar, Fertility, Menopause, Andropause

Series Three: Other Topics
• Attunement: Practical Spirituality and Vibrational Healing
• Auricular Therapy in Clinical Practice
• Fire Cupping in Clinical Practice
• Moxibustion in Clinical Practice

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