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Upgrade the patient care and practice success of the clinicians you serve with these proven clinical trainings.

Effective Education: These interactive presentations are designed for 12 hours. Eight-hour / one-day versions available by request. Seminars are available in-person and via Zoom. Topics are updated every year with current knowledge and clinical research, informed by Dr Gaeta’s 34 years of ongoing, successful clinical practice, and 30 years of training 20,000 practitioners internationally. Michael is one of the most experienced and effective Standard Process educators, delivering superior results for SP clients and their accounts for 24 years. All seminars include the whole-food / Lee philosophy, relevant anatomy & physiology, etiology, pathology, pathophysiology, lab testing, nutritional exam, diet & lifestyle, SP supplementation, MH phytotherapy, support protocols & strategies, patient communication, practice management, practical implementation steps, follow-on resources, and practitioner self-care.

What is Natural Functional Medicine? A term coined by Dr Gaeta in 2016 to differentiate the use of food- and plant-based formulas from the often-reductionist, test-and-drug approach frequently used in functional medicine, using synthetic isolates and high-dose nutraceuticals. Natural Functional Medicine takes the best of functional medicine - root cause resolution, laboratory testing and lifestyle medicine - and expertly combines it with the proven, time-tested whole-food philosophy and formulas of Dr Royal Lee and Standard Process, and the best-in-class phytotherapy of MediHerb, which perfectly blends modern science and traditional herbal practice.


Why Work with Michael Gaeta? Dr Gaeta was trained in functional medicine by Jeffrey Bland, PhD, Corey Resnick, ND and others in the early years of his practice (1990-1995), before he learned of Standard Process and whole-food nutrition in 1996. Michael was one of the top Metagenics accounts in the New York City area, until he upgraded that year to Standard Process. Dr Gaeta is unique in his encyclopedic depth of SP product knowledge and 33 years as a practicing clinical herbalist and dietician-nutritionist, plus 24 years of presenting hundreds of effective SP/MH trainings that have been confirmed, through SP home office statistics, to be the most effective of any national speaker in increasing sales.


Acknowledgements: Dr Gaeta gives deep gratitude and appreciation to his SP & MH teachers and mentors over the last 28 years: Joseph Antell, Mark Anderson, Tim Bahan, Michael Dobbins, Stuart White, Jerry Linnenkohl, Judith DeCava, Kerry Bone, Lee Carroll, the writings and recordings of Royal Lee and John Courtney, other SP reps and teachers, and the  practitioners who have shared their clinical pearls with him on breaks in his seminars,

“If I stand tall, it is because I stand on the shoulders of many ancestors.” - African proverb


One- and Two-Day Seminars: Nine Major Clinical Trainings of 8-12 Hours Each

  • Effective Immune Support (optional module on Vaccines & Choice)

  • Autoimmune Mastery: Preventing & Reversing the Autoimmune Process

  • A Wholistic Approach to Improving Cardiovascular Health

  • Endocrine Mastery (Thyroid, Adrenals, Blood Sugar, Female, Male)

  • Healing the Center: A Wholistic Approach to Optimizing Digestive Health

  • Success with Phytotherapy: Mastering the Endocannabinoid System and Cardiometabolic Syndrome

  • An Herbal Triad for Today’s World: A Deep Dive on Chinese Wormwood, Black Cumin Seed & Tongkat Ali

  • The Triad of the Heart: Rate, Rhythm & Tone (HSR Training)

  • Growing the Circle: Integrating Clinical Nutrition & Western Herbs into an Acupuncture/Chinese Medicine Practice (specialty seminar designed for acupuncturists)

Consider adding a one-hour Zoom webinar for your entire territory. We recommend using this training as either a promotional event before the seminar, or as a review/Q&A session two weeks after the seminar. Michael has found these to improve attendance and educational value for SP clinicians. It also significantly increases the educational value of working with Michael to your whole territory, not just those who attend the seminar.


Webinars: 91 Topics of 60-90 Minutes Each

36 Clinical Topics:

Foundations: The Lee Philosophy, Natural vs Synthetic

Digestion: Protein Digestion; Fat Digestion & Gallbladder Health; Carbohydrate Digestion; Leaky Gut; Microbiome Health; Optimal Elimination

Cardiovascular: Heart Sound Recorder; Blood Clots; Hypertension; Cholesterol; Metabolic Syndrome;

Endocrine: Autoimmune Thyroid Conditions; Adrenal Health; Thyroid Health; Male Androgen Health; Estrogen Detox; Blood Sugar Essentials; Menopause; Reproductive Health

Musculoskeletal: Healing Soft Tissue Injury; Fibromyalgia

Other: pH Balance; Endocannabinoid Essentials; Children’s Health; Chinese Medicine & Whole Food Supplements; Weight Management; Respiratory Health; Vitamin D; Purification

Immune: Allergies; Autoimmune Essentials; Lyme Disease; Preventative Immune Support; Chronic Low-Level Infections & Stealth Pathogens; Acute Immune Support

25 SP Product Webinars: GI Adsorb, Children’s Immune, Cataplex B-Core, EZ Mg, GI Stability, The Yin & Yang of the B-Complex (Cataplex B & G/B2), Hemp Oil Complex, Antronex, Betafood, Calcium Lactate, Catalyn, Cataplex G (B2), Epimune Complex, Immuplex, PMGs, Fish Oils, Zinc Chelate / Complex (Chezyn), Zypan, Lactic Acid Yeast, 21-Day Purification Program, others by request.

Daily Fundamentals: General Health; Women’s Health; Adrenal Health; Bone Health; Immune Health

14 MediHerb Product Webinars: Tongkat Ali, Artemisinin Forte, Ashwagandha Forte, Berberine Active, Black Cumin Seed Forte, Echinacea Premium, AllergCo, Cat’s Claw Forte, Digest Forte, Ginkgo Forte, Milk Thistle Forte, Kava Forte, HerbaVital, Metabol Complex, others by request.

12 Functional Lab Test Webinars: Tissue Mineral (Hair) Analysis, Omega-3 Index, Microbiome, Zinc Taste Test, Blood: Complete Blood Count (CBC), Blood: Comprehensive Metabolic Panel (CMP), Blood: Thyroid, Blood: Blood Sugar, Blood: Cardiovascular, Blood: Lipid Panel, Blood: Minerals, Comprehensive Urinalysis

Four Practice-Building Topics: Creating and Expanding A Successful Virtual Practice; Effective Practice Marketing; The Patient Retention System; Top Five Ways to Grow Your Practice

"The results of Michael Gaeta’s seminar, A Wholistic Approach to Cleansing and Detoxification, helped us greatly build our Purification Program sales. In fact, we received a greater bounce than any seminar that we have done to date. Our Purification sales grew 67% following Michael’s seminar, compared to the same month the year before. Of all the seminars we do, I get more of a bounce from your seminars than anyone else. Thank you, Michael, for doing such a great job. Great and useful information!"

  • Bruce Poritzky, Former Standard Process Representative for New York and New Jersey

Dr Gaeta’s Fees

8-Hour Seminar: $2,800
12-Hour Seminar: $3,800
$500 deposit reserves the date, goes towards the seminar fee, and is refundable within 30 days of booking. Please make checks payable to Gaeta Communications, or email [email protected] for an invoice you can pay online.

Our mailing address is 3980 Broadway Street, Suite 103-129, Boulder, CO 80304. Please take a look at our letter of confirmation for the fine print. Please note - we only consider a seminar confirmed once we receive a signed copy of this letter and the $500 deposit.

Recommended add-on: A one-hour webinar, either before the event to increase attendance, or after the event as a protocol review & implementation call, for your whole territory, for just $300 (that’s a 25% discount bundled with a seminar). These have proven effective for marketing and product application.

60-Minute Webinar, or virtual in-office training or study group: $400
90-Minute Webinar, or virtual in-office training or study group: $500
4-Hour Webinar: $1,500

"I have worked with Dr. Gaeta for over eight years, and over that time, I have attended many of his presentations to health care practitioners, including acupuncturists, chiropractors, naturopaths, and medical doctors. Dr. Gaeta is a dynamic and inspiring speaker with extensive knowledge in holistic medicine, nutrition, herbal medicine, and practice management. He has a keen ability to engage the audience and present complicated information to fellow practitioners in a way that is easy to understand, thus providing effective and practical solutions to positively support patients' health. Dr. Gaeta has my full endorsement."

  • Amanda Olson, Former Mediherb Line Manager & Acupuncture Segment Manager, Standard Process, Inc

Options for a More Engaging Seminar

Michael’s signature style of presentation is engagement. He is known and loved for how he connects with, and invites questions and participation from, an audience. Here are some of his innovative ways to create an even more memorable and impactful seminar. Let us know if you’d like to work one or more of these into your event with Michael:

1. Small groups: Michael will organize the audience into groups of three for 10-20 minutes, to discuss and create ways to help each other apply the material, and integrate it into their practice.

2. Panel of Experts: Michael will moderate a panel of 3-5 of your top accounts for Q & A in the second half or second day of a seminar, so that the attendees can learn from their success and be inspired to create significant positive changes themselves. This can last 30-60 minutes, and centers on the business (patient communication, marketing, office systems) side of practice. Select the top 3-5 accounts from those who will attend, so that they can share their success in the panel discussion.

3. Michael Unplugged: Open case discussion for 30-90 minutes, where attendees present actual patient cases for Michael and the group to comment on and make suggestions. Michael is a master of the case study approach to teaching, which is a central method of his successful Clinician’s Mastermind Circle. Your accounts will benefit from his ability to think on his feet, adapt, improvise, and deliver spontaneous and valuable insights. Ask all or select attendees to bring one or more patient charts, and to be prepared to concisely present a challenging case.

4. Live Stream Your Event: In 2014, Michael pioneered live streaming SP seminars. This extends the reach of your live event to your entire territory, not just those who attend in person. Remote viewers can ask questions as well. Gaeta Communications can handle online registrations, and promote the event nationally, for a share of livestream revenues after expenses, creating an additional income stream for you.

5. Post-Event, Offer the Seminar Recording & Notes to Your Whole Territory: Extend the value of every event far beyond those who attend. Offer all the practitioners in your territory the seminar audio recording after the event, further adding to its educational value & sales results, in addition to an immediate share of revenues from sales.

"Dr Michael Gaeta is an insightful, thoughtful, ethical, and honest individual with whom to do business. I had the distinct pleasure of working with Michael creating nutritional education seminars and found his facilitation of such to be of the highest quality both in content and presentation. Dr Gaeta never failed to take the opportunity to support my customers and develop their skills and understanding of the science behind nutritional therapy. Dr Gaeta never seeks the limelight, but rather works diligently to develop a functional team of nutritional support consultants for the audience. He produces great results, is a true expert, and is very creative. A consummate professional in every sense of the word, Dr Gaeta is a great choice for seminar facilitation and nutritional consultation."

  • Eric O'Connor, Former Standard Process Sales Representative in California

Let’s Schedule

Email Michael directly at [email protected] with your requested dates and topic ideas, then call him at 917-613-4501 to discuss specfics.

SP Reps Speak

"Hi Dr. Gaeta, Thanks so much for working so hard this past weekend. I appreciate your teaching and professionalism. The attendees really liked your one-on-one attention, answering questions and designing personal protocols for them on the breaks. We established one brand new account and generated over $2,500 in orders that day, based on your product recommendations. This is significant for a small market town like Olympia,where we have never done a seminar, especially considering that the Northwest distributor for one of our largest competitors is based there and basically "owns" the town. I like that your teaching is clinical and tied to very specific products and action steps. Many speakers seem to forget that we have a commercial as well as an educational mission by sponsoring these seminars. They talk about nutrition and food, and sort of "forget" the products. Your focus on the product catalog and the order forms, combined with the highlighters, worked well, as the attendees could mark down recommended products and "build" their order as they went along through the workshop. I am going to recommend the highlighter method to all of my colleagues, and of course, recommend you for future events."

  • Steve Casey, Former Distributor Field Representative, Standard Process Northwest; Former Pharmaceutical Company Regional and National Sales Manager

"Michael is a truly engaging speaker - an irresistible combination of funny, penetrating, alive and informative. In addition, he is delight to work with. Michael listens to requests and has that all-too-rare quality of delivering of delivering want you want, not just what he wants to say. I have seen him move audiences in ways that changed their lives and I have had the privilege of speaking on stage after Michael, to appreciate the kind of space he creates. This is a talented professional."

  • David Lesser, MBA, President, David Lesser & Associates; Founder & CEO, Standard Process Europe (no longer in operation)

"I’ve just returned from attending my second Standard Process Seminar presented by Dr Michael Gaeta. I attended my first seminar last year where Michael presented for Standard Process of Pennsylvania for the first time. Michael’s presentations both times were excellent. His topics are pointed and focused on timely material. His delivery was refreshing, and the information presented was easy to understand for practitioner or staff members at every level of education. Michael has a way of taking very complex information and presenting it in a way that is easy to understand. He engages the audience and keeps them focused. Michael also has a wonderful demeanor and humble way about him, which is a joy to experience. I highly recommend that you bring Michael’s seminars into your area."

  • Frank Wolfe, Former Field Representative Standard Process of PA

"Thank you, Dr Gaeta - it truly was a great weekend! Thank you so much for all you did to give these Doctors the confidence to implement nutrition into their practice. They are on fire!"

  • Dan & Jeanne Schwerdtfeger, Former Standard Process Representatives, SP Southwest

"Michael conducted a seminar for me recently at Los Angeles Chiropractic College. The information and presentation was excellent. Dr Gaeta produces great results, is a real expert, and was on time. He kept the class engaged and interactive throughout the day!"

  • Christopher Lippe, Former Standard Process Representative, South Coastal California

"I've known Michael Gaeta over the last several years, primarily through his teaching of nutrition and herbal medicine on behalf of Standard Process. He is an exceptional, heartfelt teacher - with his depth of research, clarity of knowledge and ability to present complex information in a clear, organized and accessible manner. When you combine these qualities with his many years of direct clinical experience with patients integrating the fields of Oriental medicine and nutrition, you have the best of both worlds. He is a wonderful teacher and healthcare practitioner who has impacted my ability to help others in a truly holistic and comprehensive way."

  • Larry Welsh, MAc, MA, acupuncturist, nutritionist, herbalist, former speaker for Standard Process West

"Dr Michael Gaeta is a well-rounded and polished speaker that brings practical information and depth of knowledge to his programming. We've had the privilege of offering his CEU programs to our professional clients in Utah and received excellent reviews with many requests for him to return on other subjects. He produces great results, and is an expert with high integrity. In addition to his "stage" performance, he is meticulous about his presentation materials, references and handouts, creating an excellent image for himself and the company I represent, Standard Process West."

  • Melissa Taylor, Former Sales Representative, Standard Process West

"I have hired Michael several times to help educate our Healthcare Practitioners in the state of North Carolina, and he did an outstanding job! He is professional, and presents his material in such a way that is easy to learn and implement. He is expert, on time, and creative."

  • Jim Marecic, Former Standard Process Representative for North Carolina

"Dr Gaeta was the keynote speaker for our weekend event. Michael is an engaging speaker who is not afraid to tackle tough subjects, and challenges his audience to higher learning. He is personable, expert and creative. We received highly positive feedback from attendees. I look forward to working with Michael Gaeta again in the future."

  • Mona Turrell, Former Standard Process Associate Sales Representative

"I have had the pleasure of working with Dr Gaeta on several of our events here at Standard Process Northwest. He is a walking encyclopedia of product knowledge and imbalances in the body. He gets us great results, is personable, and a real expert. His passion comes from the heart and as a part of the audience you feel it. I am truly a healthier person because of him."

  • Janice Churchill, Former Education Director, Standard Process Northwest

"Dr Gaeta was an excellent speaker in so many ways. Beyond his superb presentation and product knowledge, Dr Gaeta was very communicative leading up to the seminar, and very detailed in every way in his preparation. He produced great results, is personable, and expert. He helped me learn how to improve my seminars."

  • Jeff West, Former Standard Process Sales Representative

"Dr Gaeta is one of the best public speakers I have had the pleasure to listen to and learn from. His ability to present complex subject matter in a concise and logical form is a skill rarely found in the public speaking arena."

  • John Roome, Former Associate Sales Representative, Standard Process Metro New York

"It is always a pleasure having Dr Gaeta lecture here in the Pacific Northwest. He captures his audience with his wisdom, well-researched material, and calming spirit. His commitment to supporting other practitioners is remarkable, and his passion for Natural Health is unmistakable. Thank you, Dr Gaeta, for your good works."

  • Krissy Jutte, Former Distributor Field Representative, Standard Process Northwest

"I have known and worked with Michael since 2001. Michael is a highly successful and experienced clinician who provides high-quality educational services. Michael's unique skills and training allow him to expertly blend Chinese medicine with whole food nutrition and Western herbal medicine, to create engaging and practical seminars that will literally transform your territory."

  • Lee Carroll, Herbalist, Former MediHerb Manager and Speaker