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The purpose of my education company, the Gaeta Institute for Wholistic Health Education, is to upgrade the patient care and practice success of health professionals, in order to co-create a culture of vital, resilient people who choose a lifestyle of nature first, drugs last, and boldly make their positive contribution in the world. Let's work together towards that worthwhile goal, to our mutual success, and the benefit of the clinicians and communities you serve.

Short summary on me: My first career was in music, as a pianist, composer, teacher and church organist. I've had a successful Chinese and functional medicine practice for over 33 years (1990), trained over 20,000 health professionals since 1993, became an SP account in 1996, began teaching for SP in January 2001, became the #4 account in the New York City, Long Island & Connecticut territory before selling the practice in 2009, and have been one of the top national speakers for SP since 2005.

Best-in-class results: An analysis ordered by a previous SP National Sales Manager revealed that my live seminars create sustained post-seminar sales growth far exceeding that of any other national speaker. Two of my functional medicine program students became the #1 SP account in their state, and one other became a top five account, each within a year.

The Gaeta Institute is the most effective and successful online school (well over $1M in course sales) specifically dedicated to SP and MediHerb training, with over 2,600 students, mostly natural health professionals.

Here's how we can work together, to grow your territory, make the practitioners you serve more confident and successful, and the patients and families they serve much healthier. This is the master list, with specific details below.

  1. Live seminars
  2. Webinars
  3. Zoom study groups with your practitioners, for case discussion
  4. Clinician's Mastermind Circle certification program in natural functional medicine
  5. The Big Three ongoing interactive online courses (Autoimmune, Cardiovascular, Cancer)
  6. Three course packages (Clinical, Business, Both)
  7. Single-topic self-study courses
  8. Expert Nutrition Advisor online patient education, system survey and practice marketing service
  9. One-on-one consultations for your practitioners
  10. The SP Rep Affiliate Program

All the details await you when you scroll down this page.

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2018 Clinician's Mastermind Colorado Retreat


1. Live Seminars

These are scheduled through Bahan Consulting, the educational company of legendary former SP Rep for Ohio and West Virginia, Mr Tim Bahan. Click here for my current schedule of seminars with Bahan Consulting

What to Do:


2. Webinars

These are effective 60-90 minute online live trainings on a specific topic, with Q&A. Webinar topics and details are here:

What to Do: Email me at [email protected] or call/text 917-613-4501 with a topic and date you would like.


3. Zoom Study Groups

I've been offering these highly effective case discussion trainings for SP since 2014. Simply gather at least a few practitioners in a clinic or meeting space, set up a computer with a webcam, and off we go. Ask each practitioner to bring at least once case (or themselves) to discuss. I have mastered the case study method of teaching. Discussing the patient of a SP practitioner is incredibly effective for increasing their product understanding, confidence and utilization. One hour, $400.

What to Do: Email me at [email protected] or call/text 917-613-4501 with a date you would like, then gather a small group.


4. Clinician's Mastermind Circle (CMC) Certification Program in Natural Functional Medicine

This is for your accounts who want to massively expand the nutrition & herbal part of their practice. The CMC is our multi-faculty flagship training, which most dramatically upgrades a practitioner's clinical and business outcomes. This program is designed as a one-year, 150-hour (three hours per week) course, which includes an online curriculum, weekly live classes (Thursdays 2pm Eastern Time), an in-person intensive in Colorado, peer support and more. It is by far the most comprehensive and effective training available anywhere in Standard Process, MediHerb, functional medicine, and practice growth.

Since we began the CMC program in 2012, our graduates typically grow their practice revenues by $15-40,000 over the year, with one 40-year SP chiropractor growing his practice revenues by $80,000, then again in his second year (most graduates continue on past their first year, because the CMC is so effective and supportive), with an additional $40K in growth in Year Three. Several graduates have tripled or quadrupled their practice income over their program year, from superior clinical results, patient referrals and SP / MH sales.

Click here for the CMC program curriculum, testimonials and enrollment. We've made important upgrades to the CMC in 2023, and so have a $1,000 tuition increase starting Jan 1, 2024. It's a good idea to recommend that your accounts enroll by the end of the year. You and they can attend a Thursday class at no charge, to get a feel for the program.

What to Do:

  • Send the course page to all of your accounts.
  • Send those interested this link and I will give them a free practice evaluation, and see if the CMC is a good fit for them and their practice.
  • Invite any account interested in the program to attend one of our Thursday live classes (2pm Eastern Time) as my guest. You can join us too! Just email [email protected] to let Andrea know you have an account who would like to sit in.
  • Ask them to email [email protected] or call 303-442-2525 to enroll in the CMC, and mention your name. They'll receive a $500 tuition discount, and you'll receive a $500 referral from me, with my appreciation. You can enroll and earn your own certification for a $1,000 tuition discount.
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2019 CMC Colorado Retreat

5. Ongoing Interactive Online Courses: "The Big Three"

The Big Three are in-depth, single-topic, multi-faculty CEU programs with ongoing monthly live classes for new training, current research, and Q&A. Invite an account to attend a monthly class at no charge (you too!) to get a feel for the programs. Click on the name for details and curriculum.

Autoimmune Mastery Program

Cardiovascular Mastery Program

Cancer Support & Prevention

What to do: Simply email those links to your accounts, or if you'd like to gift them a tuition discount (builds goodwill!) and earn commissions on referred sales with an affiliate link, simply email [email protected]. You can enroll in any of our courses yourself for a 20% tuition discount.


6. Three Course Packages

These are collections of Clinical courses, Business courses, or a combination of the two. Click on the title to learn more:

Clinical Mastery

Business Mastery

Total Practice Mastery (combines Clinical, Business, an additional 15 trainings and a one-on-one consult with me)

What to Do: As with all of our courses, you, as an SP rep, can recommend these to your accounts, give them a tuition discount code (ask Andrea at [email protected]), and receive a referral fee yourself. You can enroll in any of our courses yourself for a 20% tuition discount.


7. Single-Topic Self-Study Courses

These are clinical or business trainings on a single subject. Click here for a complete listing of our SP/MH and business courses.

What to Do: Simply share that page with your accounts, or email [email protected] to receive your affiliate link for any courses you'd like to recommend, so that you can earn referral fees on each enrollment. You can enroll in any of our courses yourself for a 20% tuition discount.


8. Expert Nutrition Advisor

This is the only online video education, system survey and practice marketing service available for SP patients and practices. Patient videos on Dr Lee's whole-food philosophy and most SP & MH formulas, a seven-module nutrition practice expansion course, the most user-friendly systems survey available, and an SP nutrition practice marketing system. Free for SP practitioners and their staff for their own education, and a monthly subscription for practices to educate their patients and grow their practices. Free 30-day trial of our Premium subscription.

What to Do: Click here to sign up for your free account, send that link to your accounts, and ask your accounts to watch a video you choose before you visit their office, to build an office visit around.


9. One-On-One Consultations for Your Practitioners

I've been working one-on-one with hundreds of clinicians on their own health, and to help them with tough cases and to grow their practices, for 26 years. I'm the doctor's doctor.

What to Do: 

  • Click here, send your accounts to that page, and encourage them to schedule, so I can help them improve their health and upgrade their patient care and practice success.
  • Gift a consult for a top account, or one who has health challenges, or just to make sure your accounts are on a specific protocol for themselves. Nothing increases product utilization like a practitioner seeing results themselves from an SP/MH protocol.

10. The SP Rep Affiliate Program

This is a simple and effective way to grow your accounts with top-level SP/MH education, and earn ongoing commissions on those referred sales. We'll give you a tuition discount code that your accounts will appreciate, and you'll earn 10% per course when they use your affiliate link to enroll. On our flagship Clinician's Mastermind Circle functional medicine certification program that massively expands nutrition practices, you can gift them a $500 tuition discount and earn a $500 referral fee per student you refer, once their tuition is paid.

What to Do: One email to Andrea at [email protected] does it all.