"If you want to integrate nutrition into your practice and need to step up your level of understanding and practical application with your patients, I cannot not think of any way better than Dr Michael Gaeta’s Mentoring Program. I highly recommend it. Michael, I thank you and more importantly, my patients thank you for the loving and invaluable education you have given me. I will always be grateful.”


dr michael forman

“My confidence in my practice has grown immensely with Michael’s help. Through this Program, I have a wider knowledge base regarding herbs and supplements to use for more effective treatment. My patient outcomes have improved with my increased knowledge and confidence and my practice has grown as a result. I am very grateful that I am able to learn from Michael Gaeta. I highly recommend him, and hope others may learn from this excellent teacher.”


"I deeply appreciate the group calls. Your Mentoring Program is so wonderful. I appreciate every moment of it."



“When I learned that Michael Gaeta had a mentoring program, I jumped right in. After attending several of his seminars I knew that I wanted and needed more of his vast knowledge in the field of herbs and nutrition, so I can give my patients what they need and deserve. After less than two months of working with Michael, I have taken what I thought were good protocols to amazing protocols, which are making positive changes faster. It is so comforting to know that I can get my tough cases solved and my questions answered in a group mentoring session by phone. I do not have the words to express how knowledgeable, intuitive and giving Michael Gaeta is. I am just grateful that I have the opportunity to learn from him, right now, when my patients need me the most. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.” With deep sadness, we mourn the passing of Dr Sahlin in 2018. And we celebrate her life, as she was a great blessing to so many. - M



"I have worked with Michael Gaeta for personal health improvement and to help integrate these principles into my dental practice. Michael has helped me personally through direct counseling over the phone and giving me useful reference material to help improve my diet, decrease my dependence on pharmaceutical medications and make healthier, informed choices about how I live my life. I have successfully stopped taking birth control medications and have not had the usual PMS symptoms of mood swings, carb binging, irritability, bloating etc.  I am in the process of successfully tapering off antidepressants and thyroid medication.  I have a wonderful general practitioner, but her training and expertise could only take me so far. My personal experience and Michael's advice about integrating a whole-body wellness approach to my own dental practice, helps me and my staff support others on their journey toward health."

  • Dr Angela Santavicca, DDS, Lebanon, NH

"On Michael’s recommendation, I decided to do a cleanse for the first time. I sat down with him Michael Gaeta to go over the details of the program, and I was looking forward to challenge myself in this new way.

By my third week I would wake up alert and energetic and that would last throughout the whole day on the same level. By the end of the cleanse, I was clear and focused, and I lost 10lbs., dropping down to my high school weight and looking great.

I would like to thank Michael for and recommend this opportunity to all who are up for this wonderful purification program."

  • Cyrus Gavriel

"When I first thought about doing a cleansing/purification program, I didn’t know what to expect. I’ve read about different ways to purify our body and mind but was hesitant about what was involved. So, I decided to do it with the help of Michael Gaeta.

For the first few days I experienced slight headaches, but nothing severe. I would wake up sometimes still feeling very tired, lethargic, with a slight headache. Those symptoms lasted about four days. After a week and a half, I felt changes in myself, physically, emotionally & spiritually.

Just before starting this cleanse, I was going through a lot of stress and physical problems, and I had faith that this could help me. I believed in it and wanted this to help me.

One of my memorable experiences was the feeling of clarity. My head felt so clear, something I haven’t felt in so long. My head was always so cluttered with things going on in my life. In most cases, they weren’t very important things, just worries. Now I saw things much more clearly. I felt more aware of my emotions, which allowed me to control my stress and control getting worked up over the simplest things, unimportant things, which is what I’ve done most of my life. But I’ve been able to change that, and it feels good.

Besides feeling mentally clearer and more focused, I physically felt more energetic, I slept better, and I woke up feeling better. My body felt lighter. It was such a great feeling. I also saw changes in my skin, which became smoother, clearer, purified.

As I continued through the program, I tried to avoid anything negative - media, television, and negative people. It helped me to focus more on positive, spiritual things in my life. I was more aware about sharing that with others, because it was a good feeling. I realized that having so much negativity around you has such an impact on your whole being. So, I stayed focused, meditated, and read uplifting spiritual writings, which helped me accomplish my goal. 

As of today, which is my fourth week, I still carry with me this experience. And I strive to continue it throughout my life.

As part of his patient care, Michael’s cleanse is a remarkable experience, one that I truly recommend to anyone who may have some interest in a purification program. If I could have my whole family experience this, I would. I truly am grateful to have taken this journey and look forward to more in the future. Thank you, Michael, for caring enough to help us make a difference in our lives."

  • Diana Palmer       

"I recently completed Dr Gaeta's Purification Program (detox program). I expected it to be a very restrictive and difficult experience. My main fear was that I would be hungry and feel deprived. I was pleasantly surprised to find that I adjusted easily to eating lots of vegetables, fruits, 2-3 shakes per day and nutritional supplement pills. I found I was completely full and satisfied. As I progressed in the program, I found I had a lot more energy than usual and no longer felt sluggish as I might feel after my usual meals of carbs and meat etc.

I would recommend this detox program to everyone. It is very easy to do and has many benefits; not least of which is the increased self-esteem I feel good for having treated my body to such a healing and restorative experience."

  • Mary Bradshaw, RN

My Healing Journey with Michael Gaeta

"I was recommended highly to see Michael Gaeta by my friend Denise. I have been truly amazed and cannot believe the difference I have felt. Since I have been coming in, I feel I have a tremendous amount more energy and vitality. The Gaeta Clinic is an approach to life—one that strives for excellence in health in treating the whole person, socially, psychologically and emotionally.

Michael Gaeta is a truly caring, warm, skilled, dedicated professional who truly takes the time to listen to you. He is always there with his soothing voice to take away anxiety. After an acupuncture session I feel my blood moving better and less circulation problems. I am even sleeping better at night because of Michael’s recommendations. I always feel like a “new” person” after leaving his clinic. I truly feel Michael is a miracle worker, and certainly a blessing in my life. I am surprised in how relatively a short period of time can make such a profound difference.

I cannot say enough at how strongly I feel that I am truly grateful and appreciate that Michael and the whole staff at the Gaeta Clinic is in my life. I truly feel blessed and I’m sure so does anyone who is treated here."

  • Susan

My Purification Experience

"My name is Ellen, I am 44 years young, and I just finished my Gaeta Clinic 21-day Purification Detox.

This past year I lost my job, gained weight, and became depressed all on top of drinking my wine and smoking cigarettes. Then one day I looked at my mom, who is a diabetic and takes insulin five times a day, and is constantly with aches and pains, and decided if I do not do something about my health right now, I could be in severe pain taking insulin very soon in my life.

Doing the Standard Process Purification truly changed my life.  I no longer drink alcohol, smoke, or drink coffee…everything I enjoyed! In addition, I do not miss it!

Honestly, the first two days were very hard. I had migraine headaches, nausea and slept most of the day. I knew this was all the toxins in my body, and once I flushed it out of my system, I would fell well, and I did. In fact, I feel GREAT!

Once the first two days passed, you really start feeling healthier, and you can almost immediately see the difference. When I started the purification, I was 142 lbs with a waistline of 34 in. After 21 days, I am down to 131lbs and a waistline of 29in. My head is clear, my confidence is high, and my energy level is elevated. I am exercising every day and because I became more productive in my life by not being depressed, I start my new job next month and look forward to getting up and going to work.

I must add that having the Purification Support is amazing. You never feel like you are doing this alone. From day one1, you get an email every day from a “detox friend” letting you know how you should be feeling, recipes, reminders, and answers to any questions you may have. Being in control of your mind, body and soul is so empowering and completing the Gaeta Clinic 21-day Purification is the best way to start.

Just keep in mind this is not a diet. This is a way of living. Once you finish the 21 days you will want to continue with your healthy eating habits and exercising because you are going to love the new you! Enjoy yourself!"

  • Ellen Miller

"I crossed paths with Michael about five years ago. I had contracted mononucleosis as an adult. My doctors said that it was not serious and if I rested, my strength and vitality would return. This never happened. I searched and searched for a remedy. My findings were grim – no answers, no cures. I was finally diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome. Traditional medicine offered me nothing. My condition worsened and I had to leave my job. This devastated me financially and emotionally. Finally a bright light shined down on my situation. I was referred to Michael Gaeta. Before I first met him I was not too hopeful. I figured this would be another disappointment for me. I was wrong.

When I first met Michael I immediately felt calm, confident and reassured. He listened to me and understood me. From this point on my work with Michael began. We did lifestyle counseling, acupuncture and nutritional work. Time passed, and I began to feel better.

Recently, I had a relapse, thus I am working with Michael again. I am confident that I will regain my strength and vitality. I shared my story because of how working with Michael changed my life. Work with him and I am sure your mind, body and spirit will benefit also."

  • James Miles


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