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Upcoming Events in 2017


1st-2nd: IFS Integrative Fertility Symposium, 1 hour panel on Vaccines, Vancouver, BC.

8th: Cardiovascular, 8 hours, Park Ridge, NJ.

21st: “The Truth about Vaccines” and “Effective Immune Support”, ICS Conference, Des Moines, IA.


6th-7th: 2 Topics: TBD & Risk Management, 12 hours, IN.

20th: TBD, 8 hours, Chicago, IL.


3rd-4th: TBD, 12 hours, Portland, OR.

10th: TBD, 8 hours, Bozeman, MT.


26th-27th: TBD, 12 hours, Western NY.


9th-10th: TBD, 12 hours, MD.

23rd-24th: TBD, 12 hours, Denver, CO.

30th: TBD, 8 hours, Alameda, CA.


7th-8th: Endocrine Mastery: Optimizing Thyroid, Adrenal & Blood Sugar Balance, 12 hours, Dayton, OH.

14th: TBD, 8 hours, Upstate NY.

21st-22nd: TBD, 12 hours, Austin, TX.

28th-29th: All Disease Becomes Autoimmune, 12 hours, Cleveland, OH.


4th: TBD, 8 hours, Salt Lake City, UT.

16th: TBD, 8 hours, Colorado Springs, CO.

18th-19th: TBD, 12 hours, Houston, TX.


2nd-3rd: TBD, 12 hours, Location TBD.