New study: click to view full text - Zinc Deficiency as a General Feature of Cancer: a Review of the Literature

Video: click here to view a video Dr Gaeta presenting this research study and more.

Summary: Amazing new research, a literature review just published in Biological Trace Elements Research on September 2, 2023, suggests that zinc evaluation and replenishment can help prevent, diagnose, predict outcomes and help treat many types of cancer.

Bottom Line: To optimize your cancer resistance, test your zinc levels, and add zinc if needed, through diet and food-based supplementation.



A. Zinc Testing:

  1. Hair: Tissue Mineral Analysis. Click here to order, with free shipping. To order the test plus a customized diet plan based on your individual mineral and organ patterns, click here. Questions? Email us at [email protected] or call 303-442-2525.
  2. Home Taste Test: Use the Zinc Test - click here. And click here for instructions on how to do that test at home
  3. Optional Blood Test: Red Blood Cell (RBC) Zinc; also RBC Copper. Click here to order. Click Order Test in the upper right, then type Zinc in the Search box. Next to Zinc, RBC, click Add to Cart. Then type Copper in the search box. Next to Copper, RBC, click Add to Cart. For good annual blood test ideas that you can add, click here. Schedule a consultation (see below) to go over your lab results and include them in your health program.

B. Zinc Replenishment:

  1. Diet: All meats, grassfed / pastured, especially liver; oysters, other shellfish; chickpeas, lentils and beans; hemp and sesame seeds; pine nuts, cashews, and almonds; raw dairy, esp grass-fed; eggs; dark chocolate, esp organic, fair trade
  2. Broad mineral support, including copper, 3 per day: click here
  3. Additional Zinc, 3-6 tablets per day: click here. If you also need copper and iron, use this instead: click here.
  4. More: For an expanded range of the nutritional and herbal formulas Dr Gaeta uses in practice, click here

C. Individualized Assessment and Care Plan:

  1. Schedule an Initial Evaluation (90 minutes) with lab review, suggested protocol and care plan, with Dr Gaeta (in-person, or via phone or video from anywhere): Go to Clinic, then Patients at the top. Or
  2. Schedule a simple 30 minute consultation to get answers to your health questions. 

D. Learn how to use wholistic health to better help yourself and your family, and if you are a practitioner, of natural functional medicine:

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More details on the essential trace element, Zinc:

Zinc is a critical mineral and one of the most important trace elements, 2nd in abundance to iron

- Over 300 enzyme systems require zinc.

- Zinc is an essential part of innate immune system: regulating inflammation, functioning of macrophages, neutrophils, natural killer cells, and complement activity; and keeping the skin viable as an initial barrier to pathogens.

- Zinc influences the acquired immune system through T-lymphocyte activation and regulation, Th1 cytokine production, B-lymphocyte function, and antibody production with subsequent immunoglobulin G formation.

- Zinc is also needed for skin and wound healing, cardiovascular function, mineral absorption, body temperature control, fertility, DNA synthesis, cell division, protein synthesis, growth, tissue repair, apoptosis, cytokine production, cancer resistance, and more


Symptoms possibly caused by Zinc deficiency:

Increased cancer risk, Loss of appetite, Allergies, Low stomach acid, Menstrual problems, Diarrhea, Slow wound healing, Tremor, Loss of taste, Hair loss, Loss of smell, Dandruff, Dyslexia, Dry skin rash, Menopause problems, White fingernail spots, Poor night vision, Light sensitivity, Depression, Hyperactivity, Sleep problems, Reduced fertility, Loss of sex drive & androgens, Pre-eclampsia of pregnancy, Postpartum depression, Autoimmune disease, Inflammatory conditions, Growth retardation in children, Delayed puberty, Erectile dysfunction, Alopecia (autoimmune hair loss), Glossitis (sore and inflamed tongue), Nail distortion and discoloration, Hypogonadism (low testicular function in males), Decreased immunity with frequent sickness.


Dr Gaeta's Curated Publications on Zinc:

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