Joseph Antell


Joseph Antell is a cancer survivor. He used an integrative approach to healing through lymphoma, and has been cancer-free for over a decade. Joseph has been a trusted mentor for Dr Gaeta since 1996. He is a certified herbalist and nutritional practitioner.

Joseph has been practicing the non-touch healing art of Attunement since 1971. He has given over 100,000 Attunement sessions, and taught many interested students the Attunement process. For 14 years, he coordinated the healthcare for 150 visitors and residents in a wholistic community. His daily health concerns ranged from the birth and welcoming of newborn babies, to people in need of assisted living, and the enfoldment of those moving through the death and transition process.

Joseph has two daughters, and lives in Loveland, Colorado. He trains healthcare professionals in the field of nutrition through his work for Standard Process West. He is an exceptional speaker who provides weekly study groups, teleconferences and seminars on various topics including the Heart Sound Recorder (HSR). His ongoing specialty and love is long-distance Attunement work, and spreading the whole-food nutrition teachings of Dr Royal Lee.

Gaeta Institute Courses:

  • Cancer Support & Prevention