Ordering Standard Process & MediHerb Supplements (US Only)

Ordering Standard Process, MediHerb & More (US Only)

Order MediHerb & More from Canada:

Whole food-based nutrition - just as nature intended.

Support your well-being with best-in-class Standard Process supplements and MediHerb botanicals.


Licensed Health Professionals - Order Qualiherb Chinese Herbs

These are the Chinese Herbs I use in my practice, manufactured to the Pharmaceutical GMP - the highest Good Manufacturing Practices standards in the world. Very few herbal manufacturers (e.g. MediHerb) have achieved this certification.

Go to, email [email protected] or call 562.802.0035 to set up your practitioner account. Mention the Gaeta Institute and you'll receive a discount on your second order.

Michael's Recommendations for Core Nutritional Support

The General Health Pack (one twice per day) is an excellent food-based multi pack, with

  • Catalyn - the world's first multi-nutrient, from 1929
  • Trace Minerals-B12 - broad support including Zinc and dozens of other minerals
  • Tuna Omega-3 Oil - clean, sustainable fish oil. Each batch is tested to be free of mercury, peroxides and PCBs

For additional immune support, I recommend adding 1-2 Daily Immune Health Packs per day, and Echinacea Premium, 2-3 per day.

If you have not had an evaluation or follow-up with Dr Gaeta in the past year, to create a customized care plan with diet and lifestyle suggestions, and natural medicine protocol, click here.


Chinese & functional medicine for patients

acupuncture • asian bodywork therapy • herbal & nutritional supplementation • lifestyle & diet • pulsed electromagnetic field treatment • low-level light therapy

The Gaeta Clinic offers in-person visit in the Boulder, Colorado office and also telehealth visits through phone or video. Let us co-create a world of vital, resilient people who choose a lifestyle of nature first, drugs last, and boldly make their contribution in the world.



$260.00 USD

Tissue Mineral Analysis with Detailed 27-Page Report and Personalized Diet Recommendations

  • Nutritional Minerals
  • Toxic Elements with How to Avoid Exposure (if any are elevated)
  • Mineral Ratios
  • Oxidation rate
  • Organ Patterns
  • Nutritional & Herbal Protocol
  • Customized diet plan based on your individual mineral and organ patterns as revealed by your mineral analysis


$160 USD

Tissue Mineral Analysis with Detailed 27-Page Report

  • Nutritional Minerals
  • Toxic Elements with How to Avoid Exposure (if any are elevated)
  • Mineral Ratios
  • Oxidation rate
  • Organ Patterns
  • Nutritional & Herbal Protocol and more
Forensic Science in Lab. Forensic Scientist examining haor with DNK evidences


Here is a curated list of some of the vendors and resources that I use myself.



Practitioner-only online dispensary

click here


Cornbread Hemp

Click Here

Full-spectrum, Certified Organic CBD formulas, made in the USA

15% discount on your first order with code GAETA


Nutrition Practice Management Software

code 6512 for 60 day free Advanced + $50 setup discount


Online Appointment Scheduler

The online scheduler for the Gaeta Clinic

Click here

60 days free


Online Lab Access

Direct-to-Patient lab tests - no doctor's prescription needed: or


Tissue Mineral Analysis

Analytical Research Labs - the preferred hair analysis lab, which Dr Gaeta uses. Click here to learn more. Practitioners click here for two free tests and clinical reference info. Non-practitioners: click here to order through the Gaeta Clinic


Vitalzym XE

Practitioner only - World Nutrition - Tom Miano email [email protected] or phone (480) 505-5777 - mention Michael Gaeta

trueleaf market

Wheatgrass Kits

Click here for everything you need to grow organic wheatgrass at home.

For the special wheatgrass juicer (most juicers don't do wheatgrass well): manual or electric

Call in your orders and mention Michael Gaeta for a 7.5% discount.

omega 3 index plus image

Omega-3 Index Plus Home Test

An essential test for everyone. Click here for our Omega-3 course.

Patients: Click here to order. Use discount code ZWBZLM1G9P

Practitioners: contact [email protected] and mention the Gaeta Institute to create an account, and for new practitioner training & support



One of the transcription services we use at the Gaeta Institute

Click here

heart sound recorder

Heart Sound Recorder

The General Wellness device Dr Gaeta uses on all patients at The Gaeta Clinic

Click here

Mention The Gaeta Institute for a $200 discount on your HSR

Click here for Dr Gaeta's HSR training course



Delivery service for local stores.

Click here and save $10


Autoimmune Lab Testing

Advanced test for your gut microbiome. Find out your Gut Score and more. A test everyone should do at least once. Schedule a consult once you receive your results.

Click here and use discount code GAETA to save 20%

Practitioners: click here for a professional account.


Support the Institute for Pure & Applied Knowledge

Support Independent Science & Research: click here

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) Therapy: the best-in-class, FDA Class Two-cleared home care medical device, with exceptional support from the Gaeta Institute. To learn more, click here. To purchase and receive ongoing weekly training, contact Cynthia Zaal, MBA at [email protected].

Chinese Wormwood (artemisia annua or Qing Hao). Click here to order

All-American Clothing Company: click here for my go-to for casual clothing and accessories. Top quality, made in the USA. Support US companies!

Martie: Two American moms offering natural and organic products at a hard-to-believe discount. Click here and save $10 on your first order.

Substack: Click here to publish your ideas on an uncensored platform.

WP Tango - Our WordPress hosting, with amazing support - click here 


Adjuvant Protocols for Healing: A Practitioner’s Manual

EXCELLENT BOOK From a dear friend and mentor, Joseph Antell.

Learn more and purchase here:

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