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Pamela Levin, RN, is an award-winning author, nutritional journalist and Teaching and Supervising Transactional Analyst Emeritus. Her work aims to provide practical information people can actually use to improve their emotional and physical health.

Her knowledge base is derived from experience in a variety of hospital settings, Transactional Analysis training with its founder, Eric Berne, MD, her private counseling practice, and hundreds of post-graduate hours in clinical nutrition, herbology and applied kinesiology.

​Pamela started her private counseling practice in 1970, and added clinical nutrition and herbology in 1987. She was the first nurse and the first woman to become a certified Clinical Member and also Teaching Member of the International Transactional Analysis Association. She co-founded its Women’s Caucus and served as the first chair of its Social Action Committee. She is the originator of the cycle of human development for which she won the prestigious international Eric Berne Award. She has lectured and trained both lay and professional audiences all around the world.

Since 1974 she has published books, materials, products and services that “nourish body, mind and spirit so you and your relationships can thrive.” Pamela’s writings are now published in more than 15 languages. Served as editor of international newsletter, The Script. She continues to be passionate about sharing what she’s learned so others can gain the health victories they need. When not seeing clients or writing, she enjoys hiking, swimming, gardening, yoga, playing with her grandchildren and making music with friends.

Pamela is excited to partner with the Gaeta Institute for Wholistic Health Education to bring her life-changing teachings to a new community of health professionals and health-conscious individuals.

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