Healing can have a powerful positive impact on your life and those around you. It’s bigger than just ‘feeling better.’ It’s becoming more ‘you’ – a you that is empowered to be present in the world more resilient, vital, whole - making your positive contribution in the world.


Perhaps you suffer from chronic illness or pain. Maybe you’re somewhat managing your symptoms with drugs and would like to go beyond that to resolving the root cause or source of your condition. You want to feel like yourself again! Or you may wish to focus on wellness care, prevention, and healthy aging.


Dr Michael Gaeta began seeing patients in 1990 to provide effective, natural therapies in a positive atmosphere conducive to healing. We use complementary health-increasing approaches to increase life quality, wellness and vitality, address a wide range of health problems, and prevent illness. We address the causes, as well as symptoms, of illness and health.

“With Michael, I feel calm, confident, and reassured. He listens and understands me.  We did lifestyle counseling, acupuncture, and nutritional work. I soon began to feel better.” - Helen

"I have worked with Michael Gaeta for personal health improvement and to help integrate these principles into my dental practice. Michael has helped me personally through direct counseling over the phone and giving me useful reference material to help improve my diet, decrease my dependence on pharmaceutical medications and make healthier, informed choices about how I live my life. I have successfully stopped taking birth control medications and have not had the usual PMS symptoms of mood swings, carb binging, irritability, bloating etc.  I am in the process of successfully tapering off antidepressants and thyroid medication.  I have a wonderful general practitioner, but her training and expertise could only take me so far. My personal experience and Michael's advice about integrating a whole-body wellness approach to my own dental practice, helps me and my staff support others on their journey toward health." - Dr Angela Santavicca, DDS, Lebanon, NH

"On Michael’s recommendation, I decided to do a cleanse for the first time. I sat down with him Michael Gaeta to go over the details of the program, and I was looking forward to challenge myself in this new way. By my third week I would wake up alert and energetic and that would last throughout the whole day on the same level. By the end of the cleanse, I was clear and focused, and I lost 10lbs., dropping down to my high school weight and looking great. I would like to thank Michael for and recommend this opportunity to all who are up for this wonderful purification program." - Cyrus Gavriel

"As part of his patient care, Michael’s cleanse is a remarkable experience I truly recommend to anyone who may have some interest in a purification program.  If I could have my whole family experience this, I would. I truly am grateful to have taken this journey and look forward to more in the future. Thank you, Michael, for caring enough to help us make a difference in our lives." - Diana       

"I was recommended highly to see Michael Gaeta by my friend Denise. I have been truly amazed and cannot believe the difference I have felt. Since I have been coming in, I feel I have a tremendous amount more energy and vitality. The Gaeta Clinic is an approach to life—one that strives for excellence in health in treating the whole person, socially, psychologically and emotionally.

Michael Gaeta is a truly caring, warm, skilled, dedicated professional who truly takes the time to listen to you. He is always there with his soothing voice to take away anxiety. After an acupuncture session I feel my blood moving better and less circulation problems. I am even sleeping better at night because of Michael’s recommendations. I always feel like a “new” person” after leaving his clinic. I truly feel Michael is a miracle worker, and certainly a blessing in my life. I am surprised in how relatively a short period of time can make such a profound difference.

I cannot say enough at how strongly I feel that I am truly grateful and appreciate that Michael and the whole staff at the Gaeta Clinic is in my life. I truly feel blessed and I’m sure so does anyone who is treated here." - Susan

"I crossed paths with Michael about five years ago. I had contracted mononucleosis as an adult. My doctors said that it was not serious and if I rested, my strength and vitality would return. This never happened. I searched and searched for a remedy. My findings were grim – no answers, no cures. I was finally diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome. Traditional medicine offered me nothing. My condition worsened and I had to leave my job. This devastated me financially and emotionally. Finally a bright light shined down on my situation. I was referred to Michael Gaeta. Before I first met him I was not too hopeful. I figured this would be another disappointment for me. I was wrong.

When I first met Michael I immediately felt calm, confident and reassured. He listened to me and understood me. From this point on my work with Michael began. We did lifestyle counseling, acupuncture and nutritional work. Time passed, and I began to feel better.

Recently, I had a relapse, thus I am working with Michael again. I am confident that I will regain my strength and vitality. I shared my story because of how working with Michael changed my life. Work with him and I am sure your mind, body and spirit will benefit also." - John


We will use any combination of treatments below to best address your health concerns & goals:

Getting Started

“With Michael, I feel calm, confident, and reassured. He listens and understands me.  We did lifestyle counseling, acupuncture, and nutritional work. I soon began to feel better.”


“I’m sending this note with feelings of great relief and deep gratitude. Thank you for so carefully listening and really hearing my history and current symptoms. I appreciate the manner in which you presented your findings.   While being gentle, your straightforward and thorough communication has provided motivation for me to step up and do my part in the healing I seek. Finally, I’ve found a practitioner with expansive knowledge over a multitude of disciplines who truly knows how to “connect the dots”. With gratitude for your loving heart and the way it has transformed many hours of research and study into exquisite healing art”


Frequently Asked Questions

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These health consultations, in-person or by phone, assisted by e-mail and fax, are not treatments for specific diseases and do not replace the care of a physician. This service and the advice given is for the sole purpose of supporting the body’s own capacity for healing and repair. Our aim is simply to help the body heal itself through the responsible use of diet, lifestyle and food- and plant-based supplements.

Michael’s method of wholistic care does not diagnose, cure or treat disease, but supports and encourages wellness, vitality and resilience. His approach, informed by seven years of formal schooling, 20 years of postgraduate education, and 32 years of clinical experience, is compatible and works well with conventional treatments and other healing systems.

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