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The Wrongful Conviction of Dr Stuart White

Updates and How to Support His Legal Defense

The Updates

Feb 23rd Update

Stuart's new attorney submitted the motion for a new trial, and the hearing is now set for March 6th at 930am Central Time, where the judge will decide whether or not to grant a new trial. The prosecutors are quite aggressive, and will strongly contest the motion that day. If Stuart is granted a new trial, there is a chance he will be released from jail until the new trial date.

From Stuart's wife Nicole: "Please pray that Judge Hill grants a new trial, and that Stuart is able to come home. Your continued love and support truly mean everything to Stuart and me. We seriously could not be doing this alone. The more support we have for Stuart in person on March 6th, the better. If you're able to come that day we would be so appreciative. It starts at 930am, but arriving earlier would be better to ensure a seat."

The courtroom address is:

1201 Franklin Street

16th Floor, Courtroom #232

Houston, TX 77002

Note: this is the courtroom address. Stuart's new mailing address is below, in the Feb 5th Update.

Also, if anyone has visited him at the new facility (link in Feb 5th update), please let me know specifics of how it works, and anything you'd like to share of your visit, so I can post it here. Thank you. - M

Feb 6th Update

I just called the prison they moved Stuart to and they gave me the following information: His visitation dates will be Monday, Wednesday and Friday. - Jennifer Withey, MS, ACN
If anyone who visits him can share specifics of how to set it up, and anything you'd like to share from him or about your visit, please let me know so I can share it here. - MG ([email protected])

Feb 5th Update

They moved Stuart again today. He's now in the Lasalle Jefferson County Downtown Jail, two hours from Houston, in Beaumont, TX. He said it is stressful moving, but he likes the new facility better than Houston (Beaumont is smaller - about 500 there, compared to 4,000 in Houston). His "cellies" are nicer, there are fewer of them in the cell - about 25, and "they are all calm." He has a tablet computer again, can watch movies there and has more access to the phone than in Houston.

Stuart says he still can't believe this is happening, and it's so foreign for him to be navigating jail life and all of its complexities, and he is faithful that God is sending him home to be reunited with his family.

Please pray strongly that Judge Hill will grant him a retrial. If that happens Stuart goes home immediately, until the new trial date. The judge will decide this month. If the judge does not allow for a retrial, then Stuart's attorney will go to the appellate court and ask them for a new trial. That process takes about two years.


Stuart's new mailing address - he appreciates your letters of support:

Click here for details

Stuart White

Inmate #50442618

Jefferson County Downtown Jail

1001 Pearl Street

Suite 101

Beaumont, TX 77701


How to Visit Stuart - click here

Many thanks to those who visited him in Houston!

Visitation times: Saturdays and Sundays, 9am-3pm

General facilities info - click here


Again, please share this page with anyone who may know Stuart, so they can know the truth of what happened, enfold and pray for him, his family and attorney, and send financial contributions towards his legal defense (see below).

Thank you to the many who love Stuart, are concerned, and write to me to see how he is doing, and for any updates. The best way to stay up-to-date is instead to complete the form below, to receive an email whenever there is news. Certainly email me if you have words of support that you would like me to post at the bottom of this page to share with Stuart Page visitors.

Jan 26th Update

Legal Update: Stuart's excellent appeals attorney is preparing to present the case to the current judge between now and Feb 20th for a retrial (new trial or do-over). Please pray and hold an intention for the judge to grant a new trial, and contribute what you can to Stuart's legal expenses. Thank you! - M

Jan 24th Update

Visiting Stuart

For those who feel moved to visit Stuart, here is the relevant page for his facility (Harris County Jail):

Even though visits are limited to 20 minutes, I know Stuart would love to see you and deeply appreciate it. It was a great honor, blessing and joy for me to spend time with him at the Post, TX facility.

If not, please consider sending him a letter of support and encouragement. Details on that below.

Jan 23rd Update #2

Below are images of the publicly-available court records. Thanks to Stuart's friends and colleagues in Texas, Jennifer Withey and Dr Jeff Crippen, for these. Horrifyingly, Stuart, 66 years old, for some reason I cannot fathom, has been sentenced to 25 years. Though we have hope the retrial will be sooner, it is more likely that he will be wrongly incarcerated, away from his family, for at least a year.

Please share this page with anyone who may know him, so they can know what has happened, of his innocence, and have a chance to help. More than ever, the family needs prayers, and contributions for what may become a protracted and costly legal process.

May God and His angels watch over them and so fill them with His love that the pain of their separation be soothed. Thank you all for your support of Stuart and his family on this dark day.

If you would like to write to Stuart, I'm sure he would love that. His address is:

Stuart Fraser White, 5C2 05H, SPN# 02715857, 1200 Baker Street, Houston, TX 77002

That is also the address of his current facility, Harris County Jail, in case you would like to visit.

Jan 23rd Update

From Stuart's beloved wife, Dr Nicole Fodel:

"This wasn’t the day for Stuart to come home. After his sentencing, Leah and I met with his appellate attorney. The next step is to try to get the current judge to grant a new trial. There is a 1-2% chance of the judge granting a new trial, and it costs an additional $25,000 for this step.

If the current judge does not grant a new trial then we go to the appellate court and ask for a new trial- this will take 12-18 months minimum. There is some information that may persuade the current judge to grant a new trial but the attorney was careful to say that it will not likely change his mind.

We saw Stuart today in the courtroom and my heart just longed to be with him again. He is a precious man and does not deserve any of this. My faith in God is unending and I will never stop fighting for Stuart. Thank you for your continued prayers and support- this journey has only just begun."

Jan 22nd Update

From Dr Jeff Crippen, DC

"Just a quick update the prison he is at allows one visitor per day to visit Stuart for 20 minutes. His visit days are Wednesday and Saturday. Someone had already signed up to visit him this past Saturday — so Nicole advised me to hold off on making plans till after tomorrow’s sentencing as he will probably be moved."
Thanks, Jeff! - M
Everyone: Please see the new section at the bottom of this page, with words of support that have come in.
Here is the letter from Dr White to his patients: click here
Here is a letter from one of Dr White's patients: click here

What Happened

Ten years ago, Dr Stuart White, DC was wrongly accused by his former wife, Cathryn of molesting their young children. Cathryn brought these false charges again him one month after she learned he was divorcing her, in an effort to punish and ruin him for leaving the marriage. There were many irregularities in how the case and jury were handled. Cathryn not only brought these false allegations against Stuart, but also falsely accused her previous husband of molesting their babysitter. The judge in Stuart's case did not allow the jurors to learn that and other critical information. Cathryn has also prevented their children from seeing their father Stuart for the past 10 years, and has psychologically manipulated them against him.
After a 10-year legal battle, Stuart was convicted and imprisoned in Texas on December 19th, 2023.
Stuart's sentencing is in Houston on January 23rd. The minimum penalty in Texas for this crime is 25 years. Stuart, now 66 years old, will spend the rest of his life in prison if his appeal is unsuccessful.

This horrific injustice to an incredible human being, Godly man and brilliant doctor has been a shock. I'm working with his wife Nicole to raise funds towards the estimated $150,000 in legal fees for his appeal. One of the top appeals attorneys in Texas with 40 years experience has agreed to take on his case. He remarked that he has overturned convictions in appeals cases that were not as strong as Stuart's, so we are hopeful.

How You Can Help

1.    Please keep Stuart, Nicole, their two children and attorney in your prayers daily. Extend a blessing to all involved in this case and the appeal process.
2.    If you feel so moved, please donate to the cause. Here are your options for sending a donation. 
  1. Venmo. Stuart's wife, Dr Nicole Fodel, is @Nicole-Fodel. The last 4 digits of her mobile number, for the initial Venmo verification, are 2367.
  2. Check. Mail a check made out to Nicole Fodel, to the following address.
    Synergy Holistic Health
    Attn: Nicole Fodel
    2300 Randolph Rd., Suite B
    Charlotte, NC 28207
  3. Zelle. Send money via Zelle to this number: 704-641-2367. Zelle may ask for the Bank: Wells Fargo.

3.    Please share this page with anyone who may know Stuart, as Nicole wants our Standard Process colleagues and Stuart's other friends to know what has been done to him, and for the truth of what actually happened to be known. Spreading the word may also help raise funds for Stuart's defense.

4.    Enroll in Dr White's trainings as a fundraiser. Since 2005, Stuart has generously given of his time to offer free Mentoring the Mentors clinician trainings for his colleagues in the natural health field, sharing his insights as one of the most successful nutrition practitioners in history. The Gaeta Institute has created a new course, composed of these training recordings, as a fundraiser for his legal defense. 100% of the proceeds will go towards the legal fees for his appeal. Click here to enroll, make a donation of any amount, and share the page with others.

Thank you for your connection to this great man. Let's right this wrong, together.
Dr Michael Gaeta
Gaeta Clinic for Chinese & Functional Medicine
Gaeta Institute for Wholistic Health Education
Phone 917-613-4501
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Stuart's Supporters Speak

"My whole women’s group is praying for a positive outcome for Stuart tomorrow. And my husband and I did a small ceremony tonight where we called on all the forces of love and truth to release him. This is such a sobering situation. I have felt so sad to know such a great man has gone to prison. Please God let him be released and may all charges be dropped. May he be cleared of this and be a free man! Thank you so much for going to visit him and for keeping us posted about his situation. It is very touching to me. Be well and thank you again for everything you are doing. I will keep praying for Stuart."

"You are totally right on getting everyone to focus on the future and support his legal efforts. He is truly one of the good guys and a very valuable being, and I am praying along side of you and everyone else for a speedy successful appeal."

"We are steadfastly praying for tomorrow’s results for Dr. White. I have Dr. White covered in prayer in South Alabama. We are specifically lifting him up this evening in our prayer meeting. We have some amazing prayer warriors at my church, and I am so thankful to have them. I thank you once again for going to visit Dr. White and standing in the gap for all of us. Hopefully I will get to meet you someday. Your sister in Christ and Chiropractic..."

"All prayers and thoughts for Dr White’s acquittal tomorrow."

"Thank you so much for letting us know about Stuart’s situation. I will be praying & sending positivity for it all to be cleared tomorrow!" 🙏✨☀️

"Thank you for the information on Dr White. We will be sending a donation to his legal fund."

"I see an honest man in that face. May God prevail in his Justice."

"Please give him a big hug from me. Tell him I will spread the word of his needs and situation to all our friends in Texas. This seems so egregious and unjust!"

"We are praying steadfastly today for Dr. White, and covering him in prayer! I pray for the mouths of lions to be shut, and for peace, that surpasses all understanding!"

"Words fail me at the news. Know that he, you and the children are being held in the thought and presence of love."

"My son and I prayed for him this morning before school."

"Sending love to all of you. More love and light being sent."

"We are on that journey with you all."

"Each step of the way. Every day, we will continue to send light and love."

"I pray for Stuart. Unimaginable what he is going through. I pray for support for him through others, too... He and his family are in our hearts and prayers. It's just so shocking and unbelievable that this could happen to someone as good as Stuart. I'm so happy that he is able to make a difference in people's lives, even in prison. I'm praying that the Holy Spirit will be with him as he goes through this. I remember the first time I met him. What a great man he is."

"I sent him a letter this week and hope to visit him in Houston this month. I live out in the hill country by Fredericksburg and I raise monarch butterflies in the fall and spring when they naturally fly over Texas. Recently I found a couple caterpillars at the ranch that are not supposed to be here right now, (all the butterflies should already be in Mexico.) But I had a male monarch emerge yesterday and I named him Stuart Fraser. I took some pictures of him and his release. I focus every day on him being free ☀️✨🙏. ." - Kimberly Kraus LAc, ACN

"I have been following him for many years & got to finally meet him in person at an event last September. I wrote him a letter as soon as you shared his situation & address & sent his wife a note & check. He has been in my prayers & I was hoping to write him again, at his new location & wondered if there is anything else I can do besides funding. I have a great deal of respect for him & have no doubt he’s innocent. If you have his new mailing address, could you forward it to me? God bless."

"My husband and I are well trained in Attunement care so we began enfolding Stuart and family right away. And we continue to send our love and support. I had the honour of meeting Dr. White many years ago."

"He has been my teacher for 20 years and it has just been so shocking and sad what has happened."

"I heard this information today with what’s going on with Stuart. Just read the news. I will definitely be writing to him this weekend and plan to visit in the next month. So very tragic. I will definitely go visit him in Houston. And write letters and send money. And continue to pray for justice."
"Thank you for all of your updates. I have been writing letters almost daily to Stuart. I know the recent ones may not be reach him since this move. I am praying and spreading the word. I was a Standard Process consultant in Ohio when I first met Dr White. I listened to his seminars, have every binder of notes and all online & video trainings that I could get my hands on. I took a version of his Seven Pillars and created my own steps of healing for my clients that I have used daily for almost 15 years. I am a Homeopathic practitioner using Standard Process for 22 years, Lyme Disease certified and intuitively working for God's plans. The moment that I knew what kind of person Stuart was, was when I was chosen to demo him in Houston. The SP rep, Glenn Kikel, picked me up at the airport and we drove to Stuart's "office"! The little quaint house! I was nervous to be meeting the 'Doctor of the Future'! All fears were quickly removed as he walked out to my car door, opened it and hugged me!! The rest of the day was amazing. What a gentleman. My prayers go out to him daily. Thanks for your support. I assume he has prayers from all over the world. I would like to say Thank you for connecting everyone. Blessings to you."

"So many of our thoughts are that Stuart will be released soon. And many more are just love and care for all of you."

"Know that we are with you in heart and spirit. Our thoughts are for a new trial!"

"I miss my friend very much. I looked at some photos of when we were at your house last year and I felt heartbroken. I am still in disbelief. Praying for you, Nicole, and the two beautiful kids' souls every day."