Seven Habits for Highly Effective Digestion


Bad eating habits and poor nutrition can cause indigestion. Here are seven great eating habits that will help you avoid indigestion:

1.  Eat consciously. Enjoy your meals slowly with gratitude.

2. Just eat. Create a quiet atmosphere, turn off the TV and avoid arguments while eating.

3. Never eat late. Do not consume big meals after 8 p.m.; have at least three hours between dinner and bedtime.

4. Start big! Make breakfast and lunch your biggest meals, Spleen/Stomach (digestive) Qi peaks 7-11am.

5. Know your schedule: eat at regular times each day.

6. Stay in touch with your body while eating. Stop eating before you are full.

7. Relax after eating. Put your feet up or take a walk to help aid in digestion!

Some Eating Habits to Avoid:

  • Eating while stressed, upset, working, reading, driving, worrying

  • Eating quickly, not chewing thoroughly

  • Overeating – feeling over full

  • Eating before bed

  • Smoking during meals

Poor Nutrition Can Be Caused by:

  • Processed, refined, contaminated, microwaved, improperly prepared foods

  • Chemical food additives and pesticides

  • Soil depletion

  • Too much cold or raw, hot/spicy, sweets, greasy, adulterated (pasteurized) dairy products

So, enjoy your meals consciously and avoid digestive health issues!