Calendula is Perfect for Dry Skin


Calendula Liquid, the extract of the Calendula flower, is one of the most well-known and versatile herbs in the western herbal tradition.

Native to southern Europe, the herb is most famous for its topical use for all kinds of skin problems: wounds, burns, acne, and other dermatologic issues — a great healing herb that has been used for centuries for these purposes.

Internally, it’s excellent for inflammation, damage to the throat, mouth, digestive system. For example, Calendula supports patients who are experiencing ulcers and swollen lymph nodes, because it is also antiseptic, it reduces infection wherever applied (whether on the skin or ingested). Some might not know it can be used to stop bleeding and reduces inflammation topically, too.

This is a wonderful and versatile herb great to use during the winter months! I always recommend the Calendula liquid (or Calendula 1:2) – in combination with other Mediherb botanicals, and Standard Process nutritional support. Go ahead, check this wonderful herb out!