Change Your ‘Default’ Future


A couple of topics that interest me are Change and Growth. As natural health professionals, we help people come back to natural healing principles. But as you know, when people start to change, there’s a tendency to regress to the mean. They often snap back into their old habits and patterns.

What happens when we don’t have the knowledge or support we need, is that we move toward a ‘default future’. It’s like a space rocket that doesn’t have the escape velocity to break free of Earth’s gravity. This is our future, if we keep doing what we have been doing. It is how many live their lives. And, even when a person wants to change without putting in place new structures, support and mindsets, it is most likely that not much will change.

I have found this true in all areas, including when we as healers want to grow and expand our practice. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

There is a path that has been proven through the ages to help you breakthrough.

To go beyond your default future, your path is that of finding the right mentor or mastermind group to give you support and accountability. Now, I am offering my Clinician’s Mastermind Circle, closing next week, but even if my group is not for you, I suggest you reach out and find another group to join…it is so important.

Mentoring and masterminding has been the secret to people achieving extraordinary levels of success in very short periods of time. Of course it also helps you be a better clinician and, with the right group, grow your practice and business, taking it to a whole new level.

It helps in other areas too. One of the hardest and most painful experiences for a health professional is a feeling of isolation. Often we are siloed in our practice, separated from the warm, connected community of our school or training program. Feeling isolated from one’s colleagues, teachers and profession, alone in practice – just you and your patients, and possibly staff – is a major source of burnout, loss of joy and enthusiasm, and sense of struggle.

Having a connected community of practitioners, colleagues who help each other succeed – brings renewal, joy and a felt connection to something larger than yourself and your practice. And giving support to and receiving support from fellow clinicians is soul food for a health practitioner.

Another painful difficulty too many clinicians face is the sense that they need to figure everything out themselves, such as how to start, run and expand their practice. Part of the pain of separation is disconnection from those upon whose shoulders you stand – the teachers who guided and trained you in your chosen healing art while in school.

Suddenly alone after graduation, too many practitioners feel that their mentoring has ended, and now, for the rest of their career, they have to go it alone and find their way themselves.

Tragically, many fail and leave their chosen healing career because they did not seek and find a mentor or guide after graduation. It amazes me how many get their degree and how few start or continue a practice! This is tragic, because there are millions who need and want a natural approach to getting and staying well. These dear ones unfortunately tried to reinvent the wheel – never learning the skills and habits developed by the successful ones who went before.

Ongoing mentoring saves practitioners years, even decades, of trial and error, struggle and stress. If you want to avoid a default future, if you’re ready to grow your practice, if you’re ready to advance your knowledge and skills as a clinician…and if you want to do this the light way, without struggle, then go to this page and thoughtfully complete the application for my upcoming program:

Click here to apply for the Clinician’s Mastermind Program