The Three Phases of Care


The three phases of care.png

How do I grow my practice?

That’s one of the most common questions practitioners come to me with.

In the video below, I’ll share the Three Phases of Care I find most important to creating a thriving, abundant practice.

Many practitioners are only treating their patients for 2-3 appointments – just scratching the surface by focusing on acute care. Practitioners often view growth as increasing their number of patients. But growth can happen within your existing patients.

This is not an issue centered in finding new patients; it’s a problem with core patient retention.

Understanding the Three Phases of Care

Acute Care: Putting the Fire Out – 2-8 weeks

Corrective Care: Root Cause Resolution – 6-24 months.

Wellness Care: Prevention & Maintenance – As long as they want to see you!

Remember to tell your patients: it generally takes 1-3 months of treatment for every year the condition has been present. Encourage them to move beyond only treating symptoms — that’s why they’re seeing a wholistic practitioner, right?