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Thank you for listening to Dr Brian Hooker's conversations with Dr Michael Gaeta for Doctors and Scientists on CHD-TV. Below you will find research, resources, natural products referenced in the show, and more.

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Nattokinase: I often recommend this for my patients who have received mRNA covid injections, or who have blood clots (check your D-Dimer blood test). Click here to order through the professional catalog. Search for Nattokinase Plus from DaVinci Labs. I recommend 1 capsule, twice per day, on an empty stomach (e.g. upon rising and before bed).


Optional: a triad of general nutritional support (what the kids and I, and almost all of my patients, take daily). The best daily triad I have developed in 33 years of practice - very helpful combo:

Food-based multi-nutrient - the first multi ever made, released in 1929! Three twice per day. Click here for an article I wrote on this formula.

Cod Liver Oil - 3 per day. It's a capsule, so you won't taste anything! It actually tastes good if you chew it.

Trace Minerals - 3 per day


My favorite herb for daily immune support and prevention, and as an adaptogen for healthy aging. Click here. Ideal dose is 3 per day. Minimum effective dose is 1 twice per day.


My favorite simple pack for nutritional immune supportclick here

Dose I often recommend:

Ideal preventative dose: 1 pack, twice per day

Minimum dose: 1 pack per day

When sick, 1 pack, 4 times per day

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Specifics: lab test review, diet & lifestyle counseling, nutritional supplementation, herbal medicine, acupuncture, Asian bodywork therapy, low-level light therapy, PEMF physical vascular therapy

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Online Courses Mentioned in the Podcast

Ongoing interactive online courses in wholistic health, with live monthly classes for Q&A and new research:

Certification Program for health professionals, in Natural Functional Medicine


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Love, Serve & Succeed: 9th Annual Natural Health Professional Intensive & Retreat in Colorado, Sept 11-13, 2024. Click here to learn more and enroll.


Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy (PEMF) home care / clinic medical device: click here for an educational page and ordering info; click here for to receive updates, info and upcoming classes. Click here to receive an email course on the therapeutic uses of this device.



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