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Plant medicines hold unique promise and potential to help us meet the unprecedented demands of modern life.

Phytotherapy for Today’s World

Chronic disease is on the rise, 80% of all medical costs are for chronic disease, and life expectancy is falling for the first time. The demands of nutritional deficiency, environmental toxicity, man-made radiation, chronic infection and stress place great demands on the bodymind. Immune and autoimmune conditions, cardiometabolic syndrome, diabetes, cancer, fatigue and cognitive decline are on the rise.

Today’s herbal therapy, based in ancient tradition and modern science, can help us not only survive but thrive in the modern world. Whole-food nutrition, as the foundational underpinning of all therapeutics, make herbal medicine more effective.

The Gaeta Institute’s educational programs in botanical medicine will give you the knowledge, tools and practical strategies to improve your patient care and outcomes with an integrated approach to blending phytotherapy and food-based nutritional support. Learn traditional applications and current research on how plant medicines can increase resilience and well-being for acute, corrective and preventative care. 

Patient case studies, evidence-based research, and therapeutic herbal solutions, integrated with whole-food nutrition

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Herbology & Human Health

A 15-Class Self-Study Course with Michael Gaeta, DAOM; Dale Brown, DC; Charlotte Kikel, MS; Sara Woods Kender; and James Lyons-Weiler, PhD

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  • Class One: Course Overview. Herbalism: History, Overview of World Systems, Phytochemistry

  • Class Two: Home Herbalism Part One: Identifying, Collecting, Growing, Drying & Storing Medicinal Plants

  • Class Three: Cardiovascular Health

  • Class Four: Pain & Inflammation

  • Class Five: Stress, Anxiety & Insomnia

  • Class Six: Mental Clarity; Longevity

  • Class Seven: Digestion

  • Class Eight: Enhancing Immunity; Cold, Flu, COVID-19 & Immunity Biosimilars

  • Class Nine: Metabolic Syndrome & Diabetes

  • Class Ten: Respiratory System, Allergies, Asthma, COPD

  • Class Eleven: Autoimmune

  • Class Twelve: Home Herbalism, Part Two

  • Class Thirteen: Cancer

  • Class Fourteen: Medicinal Mushrooms

  • Class Fifteen: Herb & Drug Interactions

What Our Herbal Students are Saying

“Great topic, a lot of information and clinical pearls. Deep dive into  herbal formulas and protocols. I‘d like more seminars with Michael. Thank you, Michael” -  Dr Lana Volkova, MD


“I liked that Dr Gaeta’s seminar is well-organized, with summaries of each section, and highlighted research.” – Dr Lynda Varlotta, DC


“I came because I was lacking knowledge in how to apply herbs. That cleared up today significantly with Dr Gaeta’s presentation.” – Dr Mark Castiglione, DC


“Lots of useful information! This will help me personally, with my family and patients. I’d like more Michael Gaeta seminars!” – Dr Nancy Lasak, DC


“This was a great seminar for me, as I am using more herbs. I appreciate the in-depth, concise, to-the-point info – thank you! I also liked the up to date info and how herbs had been traditionally categorized, and how they can cross over into other clinical areas and applications. Great news! I’d love more seminars on herbs with Dr Gaeta.” – Bonita Grandal, LAc


“The best part of Dr Gaeta’s herbal seminar was how he related so many successful case histories. Excellent seminar as is. I enrolled in his Clinician’s Mastermind Circle Certification Program in Natural Functional Medicine after the seminar, and look forward to continuing to study with him over the coming year.” – Dr James Veligdan, PhD, DC


“Everything worked with Dr Gaeta’s herbal seminar. I was only going to come for a few hours and ended up staying for the entire day. It was great – don’t change anything!” – Dr Frederick Tinari, DC


“Dr Michael Gaeta is a GREAT teacher. I am just getting into the benefits of using nutrition and herbal medicine to help patients. I’m looking to continue learning with Michael and figure out how to implement this info to help myself, my family, friends and patients! Thank you for all of your knowledge and wisdom!” – Dr Brianna Salvia, DC


“Amazing info! Michael is a wonderful presenter. He makes the material accessible, and is lively and engaging. Great anecdotes and clinical stories. I’d love this to be a two-day class.” – Marguerite Shinouda, LAc, Clinician's Mastermind graduate and continuing student


“Great info – very practical. Dr Gaeta provided specific protocols to use on an herbal level.” – Dr Guy Forno, DC


“Very informative! Amazing materials. I’ll use more MediHerb formulas in my practice. Everything was good. Thank you for this class, Michael. Love it!” – Dr Maya Ahishayeva, MD


“Dr Gaeta’s herbal seminar provided such valuable information. He presents information in a very easy format. The protocols will be very beneficial for me to better help my patients. Nothing to change - it was great!” - Janice O’Leary, RN


“Very informative seminar, presented in a very entertaining manner! I thought is was excellent. I loved it! Amazing tips, so much new information.” Dr Victoria Fogel, DC


“I loved the great notes, and the clarity of the speaker. I liked the scientific background. This seminar was at a good pace. I also liked the practical application for so many conditions.” Dr Joan Jacobs, DC


“This was a well-organized presentation. He gave easy-to-follow recommendations. With the notes, all the good things I want to remember will remain in my mental Rolodex. Thanks, Dr Gaeta!” – Dr Claudia Taylor, DC


“I enjoyed every portion of the day! It was very informative. I will be incorporating the tests he covered and more herbs for sure.” – Kimberly Espanol, Nutritionist


“I loved everything about this class! The seminar manual and slides, the great information, the specific action steps I can put in on Monday.” – Dr Shirley Espinoza, DC